Monday, January 12, 2009

Lessons from Snow Shoveling

So, yep, Craig found us a house. The photo to the left is the house, I love it! He did good! We will more than likely be purchasing it next year... just have to get a few things together. We are so excited about our move back south! We just know God is in this! The favor He continues to bring us is INCREDIBLE!!!!

We've been letting go and letting God, by doing this we are CREATING an atmosphere and environment for Him to work in. Whenever I start to stress or freak out, I just remind myself of everything He has done thus far. He will never cease to amaze me!!!

This weekend, we got pounded by a foot, yes a foot of snow. It was crazy, it just kept coming down, and before I knew it, we were snowed in! On Sunday I was almost in tears as I shoveled the snow that swallowed me up to my knees. Kaitlyn had already worked out there an hour and so had I. But a navigable path HAD to be made for me to get out. As I pushed and persevered I prayed, "Lord, please give me help or give me strength!" You would not believe how heavy that shovel had become!

Suddenly, I heard the scraping of a shovel behind me, I knew it wasn't me because I was leaning on my shovel huffing and puffing! I turned and saw a young man knocking that snow out like he was swatting flies, with very little effort but with MUCH progress. I thanked him profusely and kept moving, somewhere I also found strength. Then I heard a second shovel, I turned again and there was his brother. This time, I did cry. I thanked them over and over. I saw the light at the end of this tunnel! These young men shrugged it off when I tried to pay them, "We have nothing better to do..." and they refused my offer of cash. I was impressed! Teenage boys refusing money especially well earned money!? God was definitely in this!

Craig was due to fly in LATE tonight but his flight was postponed due to inclement weather. He was so disappointed as were the girls and I. He is due to be home tomorrow afternoon... and we'll be waiting with open arms and a shoveled sidewalk! (tat is, unless we get more snow... then he will get the honor! :) )

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Break the Box said...

We cannot wait for you guys to move!
What's so cool about it, is that you will only be 5 minutes away from us! We've missed you all so much! Counting down the days with ya....Love you, Christy :)