Monday, August 17, 2009


Just a quick update... after much thought, I will be officially "ending" Destiny Driven"... I feel this blog has been fabulous and therapeutic in my life, but I feel the need for something fresh! So, I will be creating a new blog which will link to here. The url will be transferred.

I am in a new season and I feel the time for something fresh and new is upon me.... so, I'll catch you at the next blogstop!

Monday, July 20, 2009

His Presence

About a month ago, we started having a time of intercession and worship on Saturday nights. An unrehearsed flow that ushers in the presence of the Lord. Though the motivation in doing so was to seek God and set the atmosphere for Sunday morning, I don't think any of us had an idea of what God was about to unleash in Christ Central Dallas, in us corporately and individually. The worship and prayer is raw, real, from the heart. Most nights it is rare to see anyone standing, they are face down on the floor or in a kneeling position. Children, youth, adults in an intimate time with Jesus.

This past weekend, the CCD worship team, Remnant led us in powerful worship woven with powerful intercession. The presence of God was so evident, so awesome, thick. And Sunday morning the same presence was there again, and we experienced such a powerful move of God initiated by our worship to Him. Matt and Brandon began to sing "Marked by Heaven" and something in heaven broke open. There is such an intense hunger and yearning for Jesus in our House.... and it is being carried outside the House... and drawing others in...

Some exciting things are happening and about to happen in and thrugh CCD in this season we are in... it is so muc bigger than any person or persons... it is His and His alone... we are only vessels... what a privilege and honor...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Greeting from Hiram, GA

I am back my friends. My computer has been in Chicago being fixed. There was an issue with the port in the back. And we finally got moved into Hiram, GA... YEA!!!! We are still doing some unpacking and settling and we'll be painting in the next few weeks but it is all coming together! And I need a fridge... ugh... I SOOO need a fridge! We're using a mini fridge right now and with seven people, it really isn't working out! Pray with us that we can find a used fridge at the right price in the next few days!

We are in project mode at Christ Central. Our offices are being overhauled for maximum use. I saw a design I liked at Free Chapel for desk space and then we incorporated it in two of the shared offices for our pastoral staff. In one of the offices that two people used to use, we will now be able to fit up to 6 or 7 if necessary, but generally it will be used by five. The other office will be used by three or four, as it is a little smaller.

The last few weeks have been so amazing at CCD. The more we seek Him and obey Him, the more we pray and worship... He just continues to show up and amaze us. The Lord has been speaking prophetically and opening doors that are impacting our community.

On the Sloanfront, the belles are loving being close to their Georgia peeps and I rarely have all five at once, and as of late have been having other belle-friends join us.

The three eldest belles will be headed to ROC Youth Camp in a couple weeks, and Craig will join them. He will be speaking one night at the camp. So, it will be just me and the little belles. We are planning on some belle-like fun! :)

I'll try to get some photos up tonight or tomorrow. Like I said, we are still transitioning!

Love to you all... it's good to be back in blogdom!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I was beside myself. Izzie, our curly headed three year old had broken a rule, was disciplined and now she was missing.

I ran through the house, frantic and close to tears. Craig and Kaitlyn joined the search. We could not find her. Finally, out of desperation I stopped and cried out at the top of my lungs, "Iz-zie!!! Isabel-laaaa!" Suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke to me to check my bed where I had been packing a huge suitcase for Craig and I. Throwing back the flap of the case I saw a small lump under my comforter. Qickly I yanked the quilt back and found Izzie hiding with her hands covering her sweet little face.

As I gathered her in my arms and hugged her close to my chest she looked me in my eyes. "Are you mad at me Mommy? I'm sorry Mommy, I love you!"

Of course my heart melted and I quickly forgot and forgave whatever the wrong had been. My little girl was back in my arms!

Fast forward a day later. I was in an intimate time of worship with the Father. His presence was so heavy, thick. I could hear Him so clearly.

"Tara, do you remember yesterday when Isabella was missing?," He whispered in my ear.

"Yes Lord, I was so desperate to find her. Nothing else mattered except finding Isabella!," I replied.

"There was desperation, and emotion in your voice," He reminded me. "When you yelled her name, that was a testament of your genuine love for her."

"I do love her and I was so set on finding her even though she had disobeyed me," I said.

"Tara, there was a day that I was that desperate to find you," the Father said. "I looked past every wrong and I yelled your name in declaration that you were mine and I would hold you in My arms again."

Immediately, my heart overflowed with gratitude, my eyes spilling tears. In my spirit I saw the Father, at my lowest points in life, stand up and with everything He hadn yell my name at the top of His lungs. He was calling me back home.

That picture has stayed with me. It is one I cannot forget.

The Word tells us that He has redeemed us, He has called us by name, we are His! And no matter what wrong we've committed or discipline we require, His love is unconditional.He will always be desperate to hold us in His arms again.