Thursday, July 16, 2009

Greeting from Hiram, GA

I am back my friends. My computer has been in Chicago being fixed. There was an issue with the port in the back. And we finally got moved into Hiram, GA... YEA!!!! We are still doing some unpacking and settling and we'll be painting in the next few weeks but it is all coming together! And I need a fridge... ugh... I SOOO need a fridge! We're using a mini fridge right now and with seven people, it really isn't working out! Pray with us that we can find a used fridge at the right price in the next few days!

We are in project mode at Christ Central. Our offices are being overhauled for maximum use. I saw a design I liked at Free Chapel for desk space and then we incorporated it in two of the shared offices for our pastoral staff. In one of the offices that two people used to use, we will now be able to fit up to 6 or 7 if necessary, but generally it will be used by five. The other office will be used by three or four, as it is a little smaller.

The last few weeks have been so amazing at CCD. The more we seek Him and obey Him, the more we pray and worship... He just continues to show up and amaze us. The Lord has been speaking prophetically and opening doors that are impacting our community.

On the Sloanfront, the belles are loving being close to their Georgia peeps and I rarely have all five at once, and as of late have been having other belle-friends join us.

The three eldest belles will be headed to ROC Youth Camp in a couple weeks, and Craig will join them. He will be speaking one night at the camp. So, it will be just me and the little belles. We are planning on some belle-like fun! :)

I'll try to get some photos up tonight or tomorrow. Like I said, we are still transitioning!

Love to you all... it's good to be back in blogdom!

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