Monday, July 20, 2009

His Presence

About a month ago, we started having a time of intercession and worship on Saturday nights. An unrehearsed flow that ushers in the presence of the Lord. Though the motivation in doing so was to seek God and set the atmosphere for Sunday morning, I don't think any of us had an idea of what God was about to unleash in Christ Central Dallas, in us corporately and individually. The worship and prayer is raw, real, from the heart. Most nights it is rare to see anyone standing, they are face down on the floor or in a kneeling position. Children, youth, adults in an intimate time with Jesus.

This past weekend, the CCD worship team, Remnant led us in powerful worship woven with powerful intercession. The presence of God was so evident, so awesome, thick. And Sunday morning the same presence was there again, and we experienced such a powerful move of God initiated by our worship to Him. Matt and Brandon began to sing "Marked by Heaven" and something in heaven broke open. There is such an intense hunger and yearning for Jesus in our House.... and it is being carried outside the House... and drawing others in...

Some exciting things are happening and about to happen in and thrugh CCD in this season we are in... it is so muc bigger than any person or persons... it is His and His alone... we are only vessels... what a privilege and honor...

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Mindy said...

Hi Tara.
It's been a while since I've stopped by (BTW- where is Oxford, AL?)
In your post I can sense the awe and wonder and excitement of it all. May God show up in a big way and may he show off big, too!
in HIM -