Friday, January 09, 2009

He Found Us a House!

We'll get the final word tomorrow via a signed lease but it looks like we have a new house in Alabama! Craig has been there all week working on finding us just the right place. Christy was my eyes since I could not be there, but she knows my taste and gave this house the nod.. and it is only five minutes from their new house! I'll post photos when we get moved in. There are so many added blesses that go along with finding this house and I'll share them later because I am turning in early.

This week has been crazy! My days have started at 5:30 am and had me getting home at 7 whereupon I had to get the girls fed, homework, more work, clean, and prep to do it again the next day! Whew! I am so glad Craig will be home Monday night! And then the marathon of packing and planning our move will shift to full force!

Tomorrow night I have a corporate party for work at Pinstripes, it is a bistro restaurant with high end bowling and bocce ball. I know it sounds weird but it is a really neat place and pretty classy. I'll take some pictures and post them this weekend. It is important for me to go because it will be the last time for a while that I will see some of my co-workers- those from surrounding areas anyway. For those of you who do not know, my employer has graciously offered me the opportunity to remain with the company and work remotely from Alabama! This was a very generous offer which I took of course, and it says much about those I work for and with as well as my own personal work ethic.

Furthermore, the announcement was made this week that my company was acquired by a huge corporation in Europe. I'll tell more about that later but this also presents such awesome opportunities for the company I work for. I am excited and eager to watch and experience the growth!

I think that is it for now... I am beat!

Well folks, this is goodnight...

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Melissa said...

YAY!!! THAT IS FANTASTIC! Both the house and the job! I was just looking at the this was posted...10pm hmmm, just wondering what your normal bed time is since you are going to be early! lol! Congrats, wish I could be there to help you pack. Are you going to be driving down to Alabama? If so You will be heading right past here! Love ya my sis! Have fun at the party, keep us in prayer, Sean has started his new job...big ministry ops...but it means 5 nights with an empty side of the bed. But PRAISE GOD He is faithfula nd provides! Love ya!