Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year & Other Stuff

Christmas has come and gone. Ours was great, very quiet, but nice. I woke up with a migraine so after opening gifts and breakfast, Craig and Kaitlyn took on Christmas dinner and sent me upstairs to rest. THAT was nice! After dinner, we cleaned up and took the family to see Marley and Me.

The rest of the weekend I purged and packed in preparation for our move. Friday and Saturday brought on temps in the 50's and a major rainstorm which melted the five inches of snow that had accumulated! I love working indoors while it rains so I accomplished a great deal. Our entire home office, plus both mine and Craig's church office stuff has been purged and packed. I left out on family computer, but the rest is ready to go! On Saturday night I went to bed with another migraine which lasted overnight. It finally lifted Sunday afternoon. I think I found the culprit. Our room was getting really hot from our furnace and it caused the air to be dry, so I decided to crack open a window about half way and it seems to be working! No more migraines!

New Years will be a different story. For the first time in our 17 years of marriage, Craig and I won't be together for New Years. He left at 4 am this morning to catch a red eye to Jacksonville where he will be ministering at Destiny People Worship Center's (Pastors Dave & Jennifer Ragan) New Years Celebration. I hate that I will miss it but right now circumstances warrant that I should be at home with the girls and I am having to work as well. Many of our friends and family will be attending the event tonight. The girls and I will celebrate together at home. We have some fun planned for the evening, although I am certain we'll all end up in my bed falling asleep before midnight!

Craig will also be ministering in Valdosta, GA at The Winner's Church (Pastors Billy & Shelisa Hull). I hate that I'll be missing this too! It has been too long since I saw the Hull's! One thing is for sure, I am excited that our move to Alabama will bring us within a few hours of each other. Shelisa is one of my sistas!

After he leaves there, Craig will head to Alabama for a week. While there he'll take care of securing things for our move. He'll get to spend time with some of our staff and dear friends, Daniel & Christy Jones. They are also having a get together with several other families who are interested in the launch of Freedom House! Again, ugh! I really wish I could be there!!! Pray for him while he is there, for favor, wisdom, and to complete all of the tasks he needs to complete!

From Alabama, Craig will head to South Florida where he will be ministering at Christ Central (Pastors Shannon & Niki Craft). Labelle is right next to Clewiston, our old stomping grounds. Craig is really excited about spending some time with Pastor Shannon and his team!

On the 12th, Craig will head back to Chicago. That is 13 days! We'll sure miss him! However, the girls and I will be fine. I know this drill and while it can be overwhelming at times, with virtually everything on me... getting up at 5:30 am, running Kaitlyn to Lane at 6:45 am (in Chicago this four mile trip each way takes an hour!), then running Isabella to the sitter, then I run home do final touches on the other three girls, make sure they have backpacks, lunches and I have my briefcase, computer, and purse.. then I drop them at school at 8:30 am and head to work by 9 am. I pick up the girls (if the weather is bad) in the afternoon at 2:40 or if Kelsea & Haley have afterschool stuff, then leave work at 4:45, pick up Isabella, go home, homework with Lexi, check the other girls homework, get dinner on the table, make sure everything is ready for the next day (uniforms, lunches, backpacks, etc.), do a little work (I have to check in nightly), then hit the sack! All of that plus the everyday stuff...

It blows my mind how I used to do it with three kids, working full time, and going to Bible college (and I was pregnant with #4!) when Craig traveled while we lived in Clewiston. But there I had a huge support system of family and friends and a small town. We don't have that in Chicago... so, I just have to rise to the challenge! And I don't let myself think about it too much... I just suck it up and go...! And pray A LOT!

Well, this has gotten LONG... so I'll close and wish everyone a Happy New Year! I am SO ready for 2009... new beginnings, new opportunities, and wide open doors!

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