Sunday, August 17, 2008

Haley's Birthday and Guess Who's Using the Potty!

Sunday is always a busy day in our home! Our church presently has two services and will be going to three in September. We leave our house at 7:15 am. It's a long day when the girls and I stay for both services. When we do, we don't arrive home until after 3 pm. THEN we get to have lunch. I try to take snacks, juice boxes and water but typically everyone wants some serious food as soon as possible!

Today we came home after the first service to meet the plumber. Of course Craig had to stay but the girls and I hurried home. Thankfully, the plumber found and fixed the leak without having to tear out my dining room ceiling! I was not looking forward to living in a construction zone so that was terrific! I'll try to get some pictures up of our new home this week. I am about 90% done with everything. I just have to complete the bathrooms, new bedding for the girls. organizational stuff, and some decor items.

Craig got home late from church because he had to visit someone in the hospital. He was thrilled to find an intact ceiling when he arrived home!

Another exciting bit of news... Isabella used the big girl potty! Okay, okay, I know... TMI! (BTW- that is not a picture of Izzie)

This evening we celebrated Haley's 11th birthday as a family. Her birthday was actually the 4th but we were moving so she graciously allowed us to postpone our celebration. We had a great time! She'll be having a party with friends this weekend, a sleepover. For her presents she received the new Jonas Brothers CD and the newest Dance, Dance Revolution game for her PS 2. Needless to say, we've been listening to a lot of pounding from the upstairs in Haley's room! ALL five of the girls were up there taking turns. This is going to be a FUN new toy, I can tell already! Craig keeps looking at me with that, "Seriously????" look on his face. I just smile and shrug my shoulders... I'll bet he'll be up there with them in no time!

All in all, I can't believe she's 11! She is our miracle baby, well, their ALL miracles, but Haley was born at 29 weeks. That little trooper defied every odd and was off the vent in less that 24 hours! She was eating from a bottle in no time too. My doctor told me that she knew she'd make it as soon as she pulled her out during my emergency C-section. She started squirming and fussing in spite of living in my womb where her protective water sack had ruptured at 19 weeks. Talk about the power of prayer!!! I had a placenta abruption at 16 weeks which caused continual hemorrhaging and eventually my water broke. After spending several weeks on bedrest and in the hospital for a few weeks, Haley had to be born. We named her Haley which means, "heroine," as in 'female hero.'

About two months after she was born we brought her home. The first year and a half was rough. She was in the hospital and at specialists more than I can recount! Still, God's hand continued to rest on her. She is now a very healthy 11 year old, on the honor roll, sweet, loving, a friend to all, and full of SUCH potential! That girl has a tremendous destiny ahead of her! I am so proud and honored to be her mom.

Happy Birthday Haley! Mommy loves you!

Sidebar: Craig blogged his thoughts on Haley's birthday too... I had to giggle for a minute. I think he confused a couple of the girls' birth stories with hers. With five, yeah, I'd say that would be easy for a dad to do. You know us moms, after going through all that... we remember EVERYTHING! One thing's for sure though, that man LOVES those girls, so we won't fault him for forgetting a few little details!

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Sherri Walker-McCann said...

My girls have a dance game for their ps2 also-the one they have they can use their own CDs for the game. I have tried it several times but they always beat me! I enjoyed reading about your miracle baby-we have one of our own (not premature but other issues) -I have always said that she heard and defined all the docs said about her! Sounds like Haley did too!

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