Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Early Morning Wake Up Call
By Chicago's Finest

I was sleeping deeply and suddenly I was rudely interrupted by the constant ringing of a doorbell. At first I thought I had been dreaming.. then it started again, along with very loud knocking. I glanced at the clock, 5:50 AM!

Haley came in my room and said, "Mom, there are police outside ringing the doorbell!" Suddenly I was awake! I jumped up and looked out my window. Sure enough, six police cars, one with a K9 unit are in front of our house. There were several armed police in my yard. This was not my idea of a wake up call!

By that time, Craig was waking up. I quickly gave him the rundown. "There are a bunch of cops ringing the doorbell! God Lord it is not even 6 am! What is going on."

Craig jumped up and I called after him to put on some pants... although, now that I think about it I'm not sure that he did. (Okay, so now you all know my hubby, Pastor Craig sleeps in his boxers!)

I went back to the window and one of Chicago's finest spotted me and pointed up at the window. The window was open and I called out, "We're coming out..." Then I realized that kind of sounded suspicious.

Well, I was in my pajamas and decided that I would NOT be going down without clothes, so I waited. I would let my man handle this. Although my mind DID start racing, "Did we forget to pay a parking ticket?" "Did one of the girls prank call someone again? (long story.. another post)" I couldn't figure out what could possibly be going on.

Craig came back upstairs (you'd think I'd remember if that man was wearing pants!). He filled me in...

Craig: "Yes sir, can I help you?"

Officer: "Your alarm is going off."

Craig: "My fire alarm? (okay, the man was half asleep...)"

Officer: "Uh, no, your security alarm. Is everything okay?"

Craig: "Our alarm is not going off Officer."

Officer: "Are you sure?"

Craig: "Uh, yes, I don't hear it and it isn't registering."

Officer: "Is this (street name)? "

Craig: "Yes, but no alarm is sounding."

After a brief call Chicago's finest realized that they were on the wrong side of the street. Worry not, they covered it and it was accidental.

Ah, it is good to know that if our alarm sounds, we will we covered by heavily armed policemen!

Next time though, I am certain they will be at the right house... and boy were they fast... the alarm sounded at 5:45 and they were there in five minutes...

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