Monday, May 19, 2008

Is There Something You Want to Explain?

I just have to share this...

My oldest daughter, Kaitlyn (15) approached me when I came home from work today... very serious like.

"Mom, I was doing my homework on the computer and I saw a strange document in your My Documents folder, " Kaitlyn said.

"Hmm, I must have named it funny," I said, half listening as I ate a bite of green beans.

"Uh, yeah, well it was called "Alabama Strip Clubs" and I opened it and it listed names and information for a bunch of strip clubs throughout the state of Alabama. Are you looking for something , or is it Dad, or is it a, well, I wasn't sure what was going on...," she said.

I almost choked on my green beans because I was about to burst into laughter. "Oh, no, Kaitlyn, I was doing some research for a ministry project."

What she didn't know was I have been working on putting together a ministry to exotic dancers (aka strippers) and I have been making a master list of each state. Bless her heart, I love that she was able to approach me and discuss it with me... we're pretty open about all of that though... Craig too. We have some very open and interesting conversations as a family at times.

She seemed relieved when I told her what was going on. It still cracks me up though... I just didn't see it coming!

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Johnnie said...

that is freakin hillarious!!!! Although I must is amazing that she felt comfortable enough in your relationship to talk to you about it...quite admirable!

- j -

Deanna Shrodes said...

Love it...that she felt comfortable enough to talk to you, and also that you have a heart for this kind of ministry.