Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just For Fun Meme

I found this meme over at The Girl With a Fro...

I AM: becoming more and more aware of who God desires me to be and what he desires to accomplish in and through me.

I WANT: to fulfill my God ordained destiny!

I WISH: I were closer to my family.

I HATE: religious mindsets.

I LOVE: being with my family, writing and ministering!

I MISS: my family!

I FEAR: missing out on God things by allowing myself or others to get in the way.

I HEAR: the Indiana Jones theme.

I WONDER: what this time next year will look like in my life!

I REGRET: stupid mistakes!

I AM NOT: as healthy as I would like to be. (I am working on it though!)

I DANCE: whenever possible!

I SING: wherever and whenever possible!

I CRY: not very often. I am not overly emotional.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: as together as I desire to be. (organized)

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: custom made candy wrappers.

I WRITE: daily!

I CONFUSE: driving directions!

I NEED: to stay focused on WW!

I SHOULD: go to bed earlier.

I START: at least 3 books at a time - don't know why, but that's just how I like to read.

I FINISH: well... that is my goal... to be a great finisher not just a great starter!

I TAG: all my blogging friends and anyone else who comes here and wants to do this.

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