Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm the New Mall Peacekeeper!

I just had to share one of my recent adventures. I was out shopping with Kaitlyn (15) and Haley (10) at the mall. We were looking around Kohl’s and I stopped to look at a rack on clearance items. There was another woman on the other side of the rack I was looking through and a lady with her two daughters next to her looking at the other side. Evidently one of them knocked a blouse to the ground accidently. Whoever the culprit was did not notice the blouse fall. One of the ladies made a rude comment about the blouse being knocked down. The woman it was directed to did not hear the comment, or at least she chose not to acknowledge it. So, the mother of the girls who spoke up said to her daughter , “She doesn’t care. She ain’t buying it.” It was said in one of those “tones”, you know what I mean? The tone said it all and suddenly the woman was all ears.

“Are you talking to me?” asked Blouse Dropper Woman.

“What? She just made a comment, I was talking to her. Don’t worry about it,” replied Sarcastic Tone Woman.
“Is there a problem?” said Blouse Dropper Woman who just doesn’t know when to let it go.

“It’s over. What? Just drop it, go on, leave it alone,” said Sarcastic Tone Woman who just won’t drop the tone.

“I can’t believe people talk so trashy in the mall,” murmured Blouse Dropper Woman as she slowly walked away.

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING TRASH?” Sarcastic Tone Woman said in a raise voice. “YOU ARE WHITE TRASH!”

“Oh yeah? I’m the trash? Don’t call me trash!” Blouse Dropper Woman said in an equally loud voice.

At this point they were about three inches away from each other’s noses. I thought to myself, “Lord have mercy, they are going to start taking off their shoes and earrings and then it is ALL over!” And my “prophetic insight” could not have been more accurate.

“We can take care of this RIGHT HERE!” said Sarcastic Tone Woman. She threw done the armful of stuff she had been holding.
“You want to take care of this? Okay, let’s go!” replied Blouse Dropper Woman.

They were going to FIGHT in the middle of Kohl’s! OVER A BLOUSE THAT NEITHER OF THEM WANTED!!!!

Just as they were about to engage in a full fledge push comes to shove contest which would have escalated into a brawl in the floor complete with hair pulling, punching and scratching I gathered my girls and was about to get the heck out of Dodge! They were getting louder and were now nose to nose… over a blouse… that neither of them wanted.

Suddenly, I stopped and turned around and walked back over there.

“Hey! HEY!,” said the Crazy Woman Who Doesn’t Know How to Mind Her Own Business (aka “ME”).

They both shut up for a minute but they were still nose to nose.

“It’s not worth it ladies! WALK AWAY!,” I said.

They back up a bit but then one of them said something again and they headed back for each other.

“NO ONE wants to go to jail on Easter! Walk away! It is NOT WORTH IT!,” I said with a little more authority.

“WALK AWAY!,” I said.

Guess what.. they listened. They walked away from each other.

On the way out of the mall I listened to Haley and Kaitlyn laughing over “Mom breaking up a fight in the mall.” Kaitlyn asked me if I thought the TV show “What Would You Do” was lurking around the corner. Ha, ha kid….

I thought about it and you know, I don’t regret doing it, I had kids with me and if either one of those lunatics decided to get real violent we were in the line of fire, yet because of that very fact, was I stupid for getting involved? I don’t think so, I believe there is a need for PEACEMAKERS in this world and Saturday was my day. Tomorrow might be your chance! What would you have done?

Love & Blessings,

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Shell said...

I'm with you! Go be the peacemaker! Sometimes it is hard to know when to walk away and when to stand up. You did good.

You make me proud and you make me laugh. It makes a momma feel good! Love you!