Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

First things first... HAPPY EASTER!!! How awesome to celebrate the resurrection and reign of Jesus! He is alive and moving all over the world today!!! Praise God! We had a full house times two at church today... and people came to Christ! What a wonderful day! Though it doesn't yet feel like Spring (in Chicago) we still had a great celebration!

As a matter of fact, our annual Easter Eggstravaganza had to be postponed because we got about six inches of snow? SO much for Spring starting in Chicago! The event will be rescheduled for a later date... yeah, a late egg hunt... we've got tens of thousands of stuffed eggs... I'm sure we'll have a host of happy hunters even if Easter has come and gone!

In other news we have been battling illness in our house. Craig and I have been laying hands on several of the girls at all hours praying for healing. We are ever so thankful to God that He has heard and answered our prayers. They are all doing much better this afternoon.

Unfortunately my Easter photo of all the girlies dressed up will be later because a couple of them were not looking their "best..." teenagers AND a six year old! I'll get them later this week!

Right now Craig is enjoying a long, late nap. With all of the prepping and planning he did throughout the past few weeks he is due for a little rest. He's off on Monday too so I am sure he'll stay up late tonight, do a little blogging, watch a movie or two and possibly listen to Apostle Ron Carpenter on Redemption World Outreach's podcast. He listens to RWOC several times a week.
He really enjoys these late nights that feed into a slow Monday morning.

On another note, my brother Johnnie (Let's Start a Movement) and his wife Debbie (Debbie Does Destiny) have started blogging! Stop by and give them a little Blogville love!

I'm going to go check on Craig no since it is now going on 7 pm! I'd like a little snuggle time with him before I turn in for the evening! No late nighter for me! I have a 9 am meeting in the morning!

Love & Blessings!


Debbie Pryor said...

Tara, I enjoyed reading your post. I really like your blog, and I'll be reading it. God bless you!

Debbie said...

Wow sis thanks for the plug ;) and thanks for your constant encouragement loveyou guys hopeyou had a great easter :)