Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was mine and Craig's 16th wedding anniversary! We had to "share" our celebration with our staff holiday gathering that was taking place on the same evening. So, in short we had a wonderful dinner at the Rosewood in Rosemont, IL followed by seeing "The Great Debaters" at one of Chicago's nicest theaters. It was a very nice evening and Craig and I both enjoyed ourselves. We still plan to go out alone later this month for our own belated celebration.

16 years, hmm, makes me smile. There were some who doubted we'd make it five! We've showed them babe- still together, still g0ing strong!!!

I love you hon!

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Pastor Lisa said...

Oh I can so relate! Folk thought we wouldn't last the first year and it's been 20! (Our anniversary was the 19th - so we're in good company I see!)

Congrats and many more years together!

To Tara and Craig!