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Unreached People: Is the Church Willing to Reach Them ALL?

A few months ago I wrote a blog entry entitled "Process: For Me and the Man in the Dress"

I was reading another blog tonight and came across the following entry which I pasted here. was quite happy to hear this person had received Christ... this unreached people group is searching... is the church willing to respond? Perhaps, but on our own terms. Many Christians would expect sinners to clean up before they walk in the doors of the church.

One of Mark Batterson's quotes that I have adopted is "Irrelevance is irreverence." I believe our failure to meet these individuals at the place of their need, where they are is irreverent. Now I don't believe we should become like them or accept their sin as okay, not at all. But I do believe we should love them, be honest with them, and live a life that will show them the truth. The TRUTH will set them free....

My Transsexual Friend

Let me start by saying this is not a Second Life story. Though I am sure it could be.

Last year, I wanted to reconnect with a good friend of mine who had taken an out-of-state job. I had not talked to him for years and heard that he and his wife had moved to somewhere in Europe. In the process of tracking him down, I was shocked to hear that “he” had gone through various surgeries and was now a “she.” I couldn’t believe it! I knew him very well, was at his wedding…and now I wasn’t sure if I knew her at all.

I prayed about how or if I should respond, and God clearly said “love her right where she is at”. That’s right…”love her“. It was pretty hard for me to get there at first…I was concerned that acknowledging the change would somehow condone the decision.

But, I emailed my friend and addressed her by her new name. She responded with surprise as she did not expect to hear from me. Her wife (now ex), many of her friends, some of her family, and even her church had rejected her. I think she expected me to do the same. I think I expected me to do the same. I don’t personally know any other transsexuals, and as such, the whole thing seemed a bit freaky to me. Nonetheless, we emailed back and forth and caught up on the details.

Though I could not really understand how/why she had made the decisions she had, I really felt compassion for her. I believed God had reconnected us for a reason, and I began to pray that she would simply listen to God’s voice.

We’ve stayed in contact over the last year via email, phone and once in-person when she had to come to the states on business. Last weekend, she and her girlfriend were visiting the US, and Melissa and I invited them to stay at our house. We, of course, brought them to church.

Now this is what is amazing to me - my transsexual friend tearfully raised her hand during the invitation to follow Christ. I prayed with her…and in our lobby, she began to describe how God has been trying to get her attention. She realizes that Satan has been deceiving her…that there are long-term consequences to the decisions she has made…she feels that God wants her to be close to Him…and she really wants that too…and also that she is considering changing back to living as a man. Wow! This is only something God could do.

Now, I don’t know exactly what the future looks like. There are many complicated and significant decisions that my friend is facing. But, God is talking, and she is listening. It’s a clear answer to prayer.

God has used this experience to reveal some things to me…perhaps He might do the same with you.

I’m pretty sure that I would not have stopped to listen to God and reach out to this person had it not been my friend, and I thank him for showing me how to love someone even when I didn’t understand the circumstances. Has God ever surprised you in a situation where you may have “rejected” someone, but showed them love instead?

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newcreationart said...

Wow, this certainly makes me think! I came across your blog through CWO's Live Well group. It sounds like you're a very busy and determined woman. May God bless your goals.

Blessings and health to you,