Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Christmas

Christmas... it was a very nice day hanging with Craig and the gals! Santa was good to us all... bikes for Haley and Lexi, a 'mini' Graco travel system for Izzie's baby dolls (she's been playing with this non-stop!), and new digital cameras for Kaitlyn and Kelsea.

I got new clothes for my pretty significant weight loss thus far. I am thrilled to say that I am in the smallest size at one of my favorite "plus" size stores, Avenue. Hopefully I'll be out of the plus size store permanently this time next year! I also got perfume and makeup along with some nice costume jewelry. I also got a couple of books.

Craig got clothes, and several books he's been wanting. He also got some of his favorite snacks and LOST and 24 boardgames.

Speaking of boardgames, our family received about 10 brand new boardgames. They are all really nice and the girls have had us playing games every night since! Their favorite seems to be the new "Clue"- it is the Mystery version and a lot of fun. They also got the Limited Edition Boutique Edition of Monopoly. It is pick and the icons are cute things like a purse, flip flop, cell phone, etc. It is girly and in the cutest case. We also got several DVD driven games. Family nights will more than likely have a "game" theme for a while!

We had a great dinner too. Rob, Lokasi and Addision Gorringe joined us for dinner. We all had a surprise when we tasted the turkey and realized I had picked up a "Cajun" injected turkey. It was purely accidental but everyone seemed to like it!

The Gorringes' are the Youth Pastors at our church. They are doing a phenomenal job with the youth. Kaitlyn and Kelsea really enjoy youth services. We recently attended a vision casting dinner for 2008. Pastors Rob and Kasi have some terrific ideas that I believe will revolution these kids' lives.

After the Gorringes' went home I laid down. About mid evening I realized that I was coming down with a cold. I have been feeling kind of rough for the past few days but it seems I am coming around today.

I am truly looking forward to 2008. There is a restlessness in me that is anxious for the new year to begin. I am ready!

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