Friday, November 02, 2007

Fall Cleaning...

Well, I didn’t have my oven fried chicken last night but Kaitlyn made spaghetti. She makes an really excellent sauce so I put her in charge of dinner last night.

I was supposed to go with Craig to an Encounter recap Meeting last night but I was not feeling really well (still) so I opted to stay home and get to bed early (again!). He came home laden with cards and monetary gifts that had been given to us. The evening was kind of hi-jacked and doubled as a Pastor’s Appreciation dinner. It was a very sweet gesture that we deeply appreciate.

Despite the “disconnection” I often feel right now it I do know that there are people who are genuine. It is hard sometimes when I feel misunderstood and that people don’t really “get me.” However, this is a battle that I have chosen to let God fight. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “People can make you feel inferior only when you let them.”

My night was wasted though. I did manage to accomplish an organizational task on my list. That felt very good! I also found a folder that I have been looking for with some important information.

The girls have no school today. It is an in-service/report card pick up day. They were all still snoozing when Craig, Izzie and I slipped out this morning. Lucky little ladies!

One thing I wanted to share as well, when we arrived home yesterday afternoon we found that our front door had been egged on Halloween night. We did not notice Wednesday night because it was dark and we were carrying in sleepy little girls. Thursday mornings are always rushed because the girls are a little hard to get around after being at church on Wednesday night. So, needless to say, we didn’t notice the egging! Anyway, Craig was pretty upset because the egg had sat on our cranberry painted wood door and the paint is now discolored in some large areas. We have a good idea of who is responsible but no proof. I’m not sure if he plans on confronting our alleged culprit or not… we’ll see.

Saturday will be a very busy day at the Sloan Homestead! I always do two huge cleanings in our home. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. This weekend will be our Fall Cleaning, and I mean a deep cleaning and organizing! I am working on my Fall Cleaning Execution Plan and this year, the WHOLE family is involved. I aim to get by and moving by 8 am. If things go according to plan I may get a few of our Christmas decorations out and begin doing an inventory and plan of how I will decorate this year. We’ll be having three or four Christmas gatherings in our home so I need a game plan!

Well, I am off to finish up my plan of execution!

Love & Blessings!

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