Thursday, November 01, 2007

My Heavy Eyelids...

I have not been feeling that great this week. I can’t seem to get enough sleep! This is frustrating for a few reasons:

1.) I had so many things I planned on completing this week
2.) I was grouchy and out of it last night during our Harvest Celebration
3.) I feel like I am in a fog! I can’t focus!

When I arrive home it is all I can do to get dinner together, kids bathed and help with homework. Then I totally crash, I mean fall asleep wherever I land. This is SO not normal for me! I am a night owl and use my nights for “me” time- doing the things that I really love, writing, organizing, blogging, etc… I haven’t even been to the gym this week.

Last night went well considering Isabella was glued to my hip. She was frightened by all of the masks and painted faces. She kept saying, “Mommy, I no like it!” I felt so bad for her! On the other hand, she tried to get her hands on candy all night!

When I came into work today, one of our newly retired gents brought a fountain tiered platter by with every kind of homemade candy, cookie and pastry you could imagine! There was also a sign that said, “No Weight Watchers Points Today!” If only that were true!

Well, I am going to head home and make some fantastic oven fried chicken (5 points for a b/s breast) and then I will hopefully make it to the gym!

Love and Blessings ya’ll!

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