Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Am From... Tara edition!

Okay, Kelsea inspired me... here is my try at the "I Am From" poem...

I Am From

by Tara Denson Sloan

I am from southern cooking and gospel sings

From a collaboration between a confederate and a yankee with a hint of Cherokee

From fiddler crabs and pine needle switches

I am from sleeping under wooden church pews, family altars and running barefoot

I am from deep roots and sturdy wings

I am from a family of six, the oldest of four

I am a product of grace, the proof of salvation, and testimony of destiny in Christ

From strong women and the men who love and rally for them

From fearlessness and strong faith

I am from Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir, please and thank you

I am from drive, passion and determination

From hard work, equality for women, and liberty for all

I am mother of five, wife to one, natural daughter of two, sister to three, spiritual daughter of four,

Friend, leader, and mentor to many


Pastor Lisa said...

The poems are beautiful! I'm going to try my hand at this!

redheadrev said...

Another great poem! They are beautiful!

Diane said...

by the way, I first heard of this idea from a book called Writing to Save the World. By Mary Pipher. great "I am from"