Thursday, May 10, 2007

Marriage is Serious Business

Excuse me for a moment; I’m climbing back up on my soapbox! I can’t help it, I have to say something! Our media, here in our swanky city of Chicago has given a great amount of publicity to a law firm for its’ newest tactic for attracting business.

The law firm in question placed a huge billboard in the affluent Chicago area known as “Gold Coast,” or “Viagra Triangle” due to the number of upscale singles’ bars on the block. The billboard portrayed the torso section of a woman in lingerie and the bare torso of a muscled man. The message splashed in between the two read, “Life is Short, Get a Divorce.”

The law firm responsible for this portrayal of bad taste has been on every news channel, radio show, and newspaper in Chicago. They stand by their billboard and its message, despite its negativity. Too bad it came down yesterday.

I spoke my peace regarding this topic whenever I’d hear anyone trying to “down play” the effects of such a message. In a society where it is already so easy to break a commitment in marriage, I sincerely believe that campaigns such as this one only add fuel to a wild fire that needs desperate control. Marriage vows are serious business and should not be treated so flippantly.

The lawyers responsible for the ad threw out all kinds of comments like, “Lawyers don’t cause divorces, people do.” True, true, this is true, however, I’d believe that that their intentions were as pure as they claim when I see them advertising a “Strengthen Your Marriage” course!

Maybe I’ll put up my own billboard… hmmm, I’m going to have to think on that!


Dan said...

Yeah you should totally get your church to do that right in the same place and then get people on Christian marriage courses. It would work along side some prayer.

Anonymous said...

Wow if I saw that billboard I'd be on that soapbox standing right next to you!! :)
That's crazy....Praise God for a biblical standard for marriage that we can cling to.

onemotherslove said...

Go for it!!! I saw on America's Funniest Videos recently where someone, maybe a church, had put up a billboard near an adult bookstore that featured a classic portrait of Jesus & the words, "Jesus is watching you!" Yeah, it was funny, but I wonder what would happen if churches did more reaching out like that in the "wrong" places? Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to you!

Mindy said...

You should do your own billboard -- I cannot believe they are promoting divorce.....of course it isn't really that shocking when they are constantly advertising for us to sue one another on tv.
HOW sad!
Hope your Mother's day was fabulous!

Amy Grant said...

Oh my word. I am in disbelief. Has it really come to this? Not only must we sell burgers in skimpy swimsuits and we can't buy laundry detergent without having the gay agenda shoved down our throats but now this about divorce? It is sad. We must pray. We have to be proactive. This is why our men fall victim to pornography and such... it is spoon fed to them. I am tired of it too girl! I am on the soapbox with you!