Monday, May 14, 2007

Gorilla Suits, Mariachi Bands & Mother’s Day

I had a good, interesting, and yet quite nice mother’s day weekend. On Friday I had an appointment with my dentist. I like him, he is not a sadist. He believes in medication! Hallelujah! Judge me if you like, I don’t care. It’s not that I can’t handle the pain (I’ve had five kids for goodness sake!)- It’s simply that I don’t like pain and if it can be eliminated I AM IN! Anyway, he has recommended that I have my four wisdom teeth out. They have been the cause of the other problems that I have had, so it’s time they go. So, I took his recommendation, along with four prescriptions- two for painkillers, and I headed home. After taking one of my painkillers I was feeling lots better, but kind of out of it. Hence my next confession…

I was riding shotgun in our minivan (I’m not allowed to drive while on my meds). We had just picked up my daughters from school. All of the sudden I blurted out, “Oh my goodness! What is that man walking down the street in a gorilla costume?” Of course I got everyone’s attention. The girls were frantically searching out the window for my discovery and Craig asked, “Where honey? Where do you see a man in a gorilla costume?” I pointed and said, “Right there, him.” As we drove past the, um “gorilla,” I saw a large man with long black hair in an all black gym suit. “Oh, it’s not…” And everyone busted out laughing. I wasn’t really embarrassed because I was too out of it!

Fast forward to Mother’s Day. After church we were headed to Baker’s Square to pick up my favorite strawberry pie. Craig was grilling steaks and the girls were making a yummy Mom’s Day dinner for me. I wasn’t in the mood to go out for two reasons, one, the medicine I was on and two, we have two back to back Sunday services with classes in between. By the time we get out of our second service, meet and greet, and load up, it is 2 pm. I would rather relax at home than sit and wait on a table.

Anyway, on our way to Baker’s Square we drove past a group of three men who I thought were a Mariachi band playing at a bus stop. Again, my family laughed, but Craig is getting a little concerned. After I convinced him that I was indeed following the dosage instructions he decided I probably needed something in my stomach, so we got the pie and got home as quick as we could. I ate a nice plate of triscits and cheese while my dinner was being prepared.

The rest of the day was really nice. I really felt like I took the time to stop and smell the roses with the girls. We played outside, watched a couple movies, read the paper, and played together. It was nice to sit back and just “enjoy” my girls. I talked with them and watched them interact. I realized how quickly they were growing up and it gave me a bittersweet feeling.

Kaitlyn will graduate from 8th grade in a few weeks. She is going to high school in the fall! HIGH SCHOOL! We are so proud of her. She worked hard and got into a very prestigious college prep high school, Lane Tech and she was accepted into the Honors Program. She has thrived and blossomed in our move to Chicago. Actually, I was most concerned about her in the move, but she has done so well! Our phone rings off the hook and she is constantly having friends over. I am grateful and thankful to God. We have prayed over her so much in our transition, and God has been so faithful!

Kelsea and Haley are doing great too. They are excited about new opportunities and all of their new friends too. They are working so hard in school and also setting the bar for a lot of their classmates.

Lexi is doing very well in preschool. She is gearing up from Kindergarten in the fall and we know she will love it! She’s making lots of new little friends too and loves her teacher Ms. Margarita to pieces!

Izzie is walking, talking, singing, and a little rascal! She tries so hard to keep up with her sisters. She stays with her sitter, “Ti-ti Susan” while Craig and I work. She really loves her and I feel incredibly blessed to have a gem like Susan watch over my Isabella. I don’t think I could ever find anyone better!

So, there you have it, though strange, it was a great Mom’s Day and weekend! I feel incredibly blessed and I wouldn’t trade my place in this world with anyone else!

Hey- watch out for that spider… oh sorry, it’s only my false eyelash… (grin)


Anonymous said...

That sounds like something I would do, and I wouldn't even be drugged!!! Miss you so much, sounds like you had an adventerous Mother's Day Weekend!!!
Love you, Christy

Mindy said...

What sweet girls!