Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Grace- it's a Resounding Theme! (Or Why I Still Love Ty!)

I was saddened yesterday to learn that America's favorite carpenter, Ty Pennington had a brush with the LA police. It's old news, he apologized, he made a error in judgment (don;t we all at one time or another), and he said he's received a wake up call. That's all good. However, I was also angry. No, not at Ty, but at the enemy! It is just a ploy of his to discredit someone I believe is called by God!

In my book, Ty, despite his flaws, which we all have, is a pure gem. I pray him and I believe that God is working through him in a mighty way! Hold onto your noodles folks, but I believe Ty is a modern day Nehemiah. I also believe that despite the fact that he is going through a hard time, he is fulfilling part of God's destiny for His life.

I don't know if Ty has a personal relationship with Christ but I do know that I pray for him to if he doesn't.

Nehemiah rebuilt a city which impacted thousands of people and Ty is rebuilding homes in cities all over impacting thousands of people.

So as the world chooses to point out the thorn in his flesh, I choose to pray for this man and his vision. I choose to have grace and to love him in Christ because but for the grace of God, there go I- or you, or my neighbor, or my friend...

Grace, it seems to be a resounding theme for me lately! I'm not sure why, but thank God for it!


Anonymous said...

I agree...I think he handled his mistake with grace and dignity, owning up to the fact that he messed up, and reiterating that "No one should ever get behind the wheel of a car if they've been drinking!" It takes a lot of character to admit that you were wrong!

Mindy said...

I didn't hear anything about his run in with the police but I like Ty too!
I think he does goes things and I REALLY hope he knows Christ.......if he and his agent wouldn't think we were maniacs - we could try and ask him.....but I think I'd rather not have my own run in with the law =)
And it really does drive me crazy with people have NO grace......I can be very legalistic but I am trying not to and having no grace is a bad place to be!