Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday! I am 35 years old! And I don't look or feel it! In my own world, I still feel "sweet sixteen with ruby lips!" Ha! Well, I do!

Anyway, for my big day, which we are actually going to celebrate on Friday, April 13th and Saturday, April 14th, I decided to declare "35 Life Enhancements" for this year! Things I can reasonably accomplish and things that will make a positive difference in my life and those I impact!

"My 35 Life Enhancements for 2007"

1.) Grow spiritually

2.) Be more in control of my health

3.) Become a better wife

4.) Become a better mother

5.) Invest more in my relationships

6.) Become more hospitable

7.) Read, read, read!

8.) Write, write, write!!!

9.) Become more adventuresome in cooking

10.) Bake more

11.) Build FF website & ezine

12.) Complete several organizational projects

13.) Find fulfillment in employment & calling

14.) Travel to see each of my family members

15.) Sharpen leadership skills

16.) Get published

17.) Publish two more manuals

18.) Brainstorm Roots & Wings

19.) Complete 50% of book

20.) Paint living room, dining room, kitchen, & hall

21.) Basement project

22.) Office project

23.) Keep personal commitments

24.) Entertain more

25.) Re-establish Sista' Girlz

26.) Take a salsa class

27.) Take a Spanish class

28.) Visit 3 museums &/or institutes

29.) Take girls to show

30.) Complete girls' rooms

31.) Learn HTML

32.) Get citizenship stuff taken care of

33.) Get a massage

34.) Visit Deanna

35.) Complete all of this list!

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