Sunday, April 08, 2007

Forget that "Old Time Religion"- Give Me Relationship!

Have you ever become tired or weary of walking into church and being able to predict everything that would happen as it happened? I've been in those churches and let me tell you- UGH! If there is one thing that rubs me wrong, it's "doing things for the sake of doing them." Why bother? Let's not and just say we did!

What happens in church should have less to do with "tradition" and more to do with the Spirit of God having His way. I desire to walk to any church in the world and be able to be free to worship without restraint. To throw up my hands, lay in the floor, to experience the power of God and celebrate what He has done in and through me and the church in the past week

In so many churches we walk in and basically "punch in your time card"- but we are rarely more than mere observers. We know that at 10 am we will sing a song and clap our hands, at 10:10 we will hear announcements, at 10:25 the choir may sing a hymn, and then the offering followed by the preaching and a brief altar call. Then we pack it up and head home.

In my spirit I am ACHING for the church to have a divine appointment with the King. Yes, I know the importance of spending time with Him privately, and I do. But something happens when we seek Him corporately, allowing a prophetic flow to come forth and beckon His people to draw closer to Him.

I'm tired of hearing the "saints" crying out for that "old time religion"- because quite frankly, it is NOT good enough for me! And I'm not going to sit idly by waiting and crooning over the "sweet by and by" and "pie in the sky." Uh-uh, I want my "steak on my plate while I wait!"

What Christ desires more than anything is relationship with His bride- us. It isn't about tradition or making sure we live by some Old Testament law. No, He desires to be relational with us, to spend time with us, to touch us, to hear our worship, to see our tears.

I've heard many people talk about the magnification of faith and the numbers of healings and transformations that occur overseas. They wonder, "Why isn't that happening in the US?" My personal feeling is because the church has complicated God. Our faith is muddied with our traditions, rules, and regulations. There is so much busy-ness going on in the body that we cannot even hear His still small voice saying, "Please, come as you are."

He wants to know ME, He wants to know YOU. So, pardon me if I pass on the "old time religion-" it just isn't enough for me. I desire a real relationship with Him.


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