Monday, February 12, 2007

Geographical Transition

Once again, I have been revived from the blogger cemetery! However, it was intentional. I purposely maintained a low profile because we had a huge transition impending and timing was crucial. So, now that our initial transition has occurred, I can now go public!

Last September, God began dealing with Craig and I about “transitioning” and an upcoming shift. We had just come out of an intense summer filled with a summer camp that just exploded and plans to start a performing arts team and a pre-k academy, not to mention the possibility of moving our church campus to a bigger and better location. In the midst of all of the planning, I just knew in my spirit that change was a-coming. And I also knew that it would be geographical. We began to pray and as we did, God began to move things, open doors, close doors, and confirm what we had been sensing.

Craig received a call that a ministry opportunity in Chicago, Illinois that had been offered previously was still available. Still, we had our church to think about. We did not feel peace about turning the church over to anyone. God had not given us peace about a couple or individual who should come in and take over the pastorate. So, we prayed and as we did, we were reminded of a word God had spoken to us early in the life of World Harvest about a merger. We’d always thought that meant another church would merge with us, however, the more we prayed, we began to realize that the merger was World Harvest being merged with another local body. God directed us to Pastors Marcus & Pam Dunn who we had a relationship with. As we talked to them and prayed with them, we both felt a confirmation about the merger. World Harvest would merge with Kingdom Place Ministries under the leadership of Pastors Marcus & Pam Dunn.

With that in place, Craig and I secured a beautiful 3200 sf Tudor style home in Chicago. On November 28, 2006, we loaded our moving truck, packed up our five girls and transitioned to Chicago, Illinois where Craig is the Assimilation & Outreach Pastor at Evangel World Outreach Center in Chicago with Sr. Pastor Ray Berryhill.

So, there you have it! We are transitioned geographically, however, the “transition” is still occurring. We had a, “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore” moment when we first got here. Aside from the fact that it was colder than Alabama, we also received five inches of snow the day after we moved in! What a welcome! We literally unloaded the truck (with the help of several of EWOC’s finest men!), grabbed showers, threw on our coats, ran to get some groceries and as we were leaving the store it began to snow! We woke the next morning to a winter wonderland! The kids loved it and just couldn’t wait to get out in it (for like ten minutes before they came running in soaking wet), but I, along with Christy (from Alabama) stayed in diligently unpacking in the warmth!

Anyway, we have made a big move and there is much to catch up on. So, if you want to know what is new with me and my family- stayed tuned in!

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