Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Finding Me... in the Midst of Transition

The most difficult phase of this transition has not been the geographical change, not the adjustment of the girls, not settling into my home, not even“finding” work. The most difficult part, for me anyway, has been "finding me" in the the change. Craig & I have always functioned together, as a team. I preached and taught at least once a week- sometimes more. I built a strong and vibrant women’s ministry, I oversaw the fine arts ministries. He and I counseled together, we ran staff meetings together.

So, basically, right now, my biggest transition factor is “finding me.”Craig and I have been married for a little over fifteen years, all of which has been engaged in ministry together.

The best part of it though is the fact that I AM FULLY aware of the fact that I am called to ministry and no one will ever convince me otherwise. I've determined to do what I can with what I have. In my heart I feel God is preparing me for something, and the best thing I can do is pray, beleive, and hold fast.

I read a great illustration the other day. A little boy and his dad were out working in the yard. Well, dad realized they were in need of new hedge trimmers, so he went out and purchased heavy duty electric trimmers that could cut through tree trunks! His son begged and pleaded to use the new tool, however dad knew it was just too much for the boy to handle and it wans dangerous.

After awhile, the boy was no where to be found. Dad turned around and finally saw him crouced down by the drive trimming every blade of green grass with his blunt edge safety scissors. Dad's heart was so blessed that eventually he brought the boy over and helped him use the new trimmers until he could learn to handle them himself.

Although I may not functioning in my full capacity at this moment, I am not discouraged. I am encouraged because He knows right where I am!

God has been given some direction to me and in the next week or so, I hope to share some of that with you. In the mean time, please continue to pray for me as I "find me."


blackpurl said...

My prayers are with you during this time... I can totally relate to your post. Thanks for being open and willing to share!

Anonymous said...

You know that I am praying for you daily...You've always said "Your gift will make room for you" There is so much in you that the world HAS to know about!! You are awesom, and I love you so much!!
Miss you, Christy