Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hit That Lady One More Time...

On every magazine cover, on every channel, on the radio, and the newspaper a running theme has recently ensued! No, not more on the war, instead we receive a daily report on the on again, off again rehabilitation of Ms. Britney Spears. Amazingly enough with billions of people on this planet, the media cannot seem to find anyone else as newsworthy.

Okay, I admit my life is not “flashy” and the two dirty diapers I changed and seven hungry months I fed last night may not be exciting, but at least it is a dose of normalcy! Don’t get me wrong, I do not loathe Britney’s magnetic ability to attract the press. I feel for her. But more than that, I ache for her!

That young woman is obviously going through an extremely hard time. In less than three years, she’s gotten married, divorced, and had two babies! All of that without mentioning the fact that she is also trying to field a career, rumors and fight off cameras that catch her doing everything from crying to walking to wiping her nose! Talk about pressure! And she’s SO young!

I listened as some women recently judged all of the recent antics and happenings of this girl’s life. They were quick to mock the constant ins and outs of her rehab stays and one even called her “trailer trash!”

Why are so quick to judge one another? Why is she any less prone to troubles just because we all know her business! Perhaps we should try living in a fishbowl sometime! Have we forgotten that not so long ago she was that "cute little Britney." She was on the Mickey Mouse Club for goodness sake! She could very well have been one of our daughters.

On a better note, let's pray for her. Let's ask God to send a Godly woman her way to offer her guidance and answers. She needs it and so do her children.

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