Friday, March 02, 2007

Say Hello to my Little Friend!

To pay off some debt my husband and I have, I work hiring subcontractors for a pretty major company in the Chicago area. To do this I use a lot of online resources like Craig's List and online employment sources.
Anyway, recently, I spent an entire day working with a guy who supposedly, "really wanted to work." Well, I sent him all of the specs and what he would be paid and asked him to send back the paperwork I needed the next day.
When I checked my email the next morning I found that he had given me a new nickname- "Mafia!" (He obviously did not appreciate what he'd been offered).
Apparently I am a force to be reckoned with. I am feared- and watch out for my crew! I got five of the toughest, roughest ankle-biters in the Midwest!
So, beware for the newly dubbed- "Mafia Chick- Preacher, Wife and Mother of Five"- she may be coming to a city near you!

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Anonymous said...

TOOOO CUUUTE!! Love it, Christy