Monday, October 09, 2006

Can I Get a Witness!?

Can you say CONSISTENCY? So, yeah, I struggle in tht area somewhat! BUT, on my behalf, let me say, WOW! Why? Well, I just got through reading over my last post. HA! I'd forgotten how very transparent I'd been! Transition indeed!

So much has changed. So many things are changing! Starting with the pre-k academy was definitely nixed. I just could NOT get a peace on it. Next, my dh and I through a time of prayer felt a release from the church. Now, it wasn't something we just up and said, "Okay, we're done." No, it was more like, "Okay God, we are finished making this happen ourselves. We are completely letting it go and placing it into your hands." When we did this, we both had an overwhelming peace. Services were better and things didn't rattle us as they had before. We basically took a step back and allowed God to show us the true colors of what was going on, the true character of people, and where He desired us to go from there.

We felt like we were to merge the church with a local church in the area. We truly respect the pastors and know that we have similar vision and hearts in ministry. In doing this, we had a couple of people "buck" us. It was wild, but we DID pray for true colors to be revealed. And they were!

In the midst of it all, my husband felt impressed to speak to a senior pastor we are in relationship with about a potential open position in another state. We are now, along with the senior pastor prayerfully considering a position there with him.

However, until then, the ravens are still a coming!

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