Monday, April 13, 2009

What a Weekend!

I have been a terrible blogger lately! But I have a really good reason! We have been so busy with our new assignment at Christ Central that I have had very little time. So, today, a wrap up of my weekend will have to suffice!

Friday was my birthday and let me tell you... it was so great! I spent my morning and afternoon with Christy having lunch and then heading to the salon for a pedicure... then I headed home to get ready for dinner out with Craig, Daniel, Christy, Denise, Randy, Alicia and Jeff (all of which are some of the AWESOME Christ Central Ministry Team!). I was disappointed that Michael and Sunshine (More AWESOME CC Team members!) couldn't make it but we'll catch them next time! We all headed to Olive Garden where we ate WAY too much and closed the place down! We had so much fun! Alicia even made a waitress drop a wineglass when she pointed out her "sexy man" ... that was quite funny! I think it was even funnier when the waitress started referring to all of husbands as our "sexy men" when she was giving instruction on who got what entree! "THAT sexy man gets the chicken alfredo, and THAT sexy man gets the seafood, and THAT sexy man gets the steak and THAT sexy man gets the pork..."

I had such a great time! And to top it all off... our wonderful church gave me a day at the spa and Craig and the girls treated me to some new clothes! All that and I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of cards, emails, messages, texts, and calls from family, friends and co-workers all weekend. I went to bed feeling so blessed... truly... words really could not express my feelings.

Saturday was spent at the park for an egg hunt with the girls followed by my biweekly grocery shopping, nail appointment and preparation for Sunday service. We drive into Georgia for service so we lose an hour on the way there and once there we spend most of the day there (although we cancelled extra activities this week). My typical Saturday night preparation includes ironing, packing extra clothes for my little girls, packing Izzie's tote bag with wipes, snacks and juice boxes, extra shoes for me, any materials we need, Bibles, charged mobile phones, coffee pot set up, and any other last minute tasks that pop up! And generally the older girls have drama practice and we have pastoral staff meeting from 6-7. Getting home we actually gain an hour and we use it for sleep!

With that said, Easter Sunday was INCREDIBLE! We had a packed house! The Christ Central folks brought it by accepting the challenge to bring friends and family... and to top that... NINE came to Christ! Woo hoo!!!!
Craig and I are so proud of the Christ Central Team... they are hard workers with a spirit of excellence! Without NINE to Him!

Today we worked a full day from the office, not something we do every day. Some days we work from home since we have a drive to contend with right now, but we try to make it in at least three weekdays. We like to connect with the community and be available for meetings, planning and projects.

This week we are launching a new series, "Wired for Purpose"... I cannot tell you how excited we are about exposing purpose in the lives of people at Christ Central! All I can say is it is something that no CCD person should miss... and if you aren't connected to a local church and you are nearby... we'd love to have you too!

I am getting up early again tomorrow so I am going to turn in....

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