Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miracle in the Mouth

My three oldest girls had to visit the dentist today. We showed up with xrays from their last visit in Chicago, which was at the tail end of January. They all had cavities, some more than others. Kaitlyn has had more work done on her teeth, and the other girls has been minimal. So, we showed up ready for the drill, xrays in hand.

Imagine our surprise when the dental hygenist AND dentist could not find any cavities in Kelsea or Haley and only a couple in Kaitlyn! The xrays and our previous dental visit showed two in Kelsea, three in Hakey and several in Kaitlyn. Well, the final decree was Kaitlyn has a couple and that is it! The whole office was surprised but not my husband! He was walking around saying, "Hey, I prayed and asked God to intervene!" And intervene He did... so awesome!

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