Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No One Asked Me...

... but, that has never been known to stop me from saying something that is truly in my heart.

Over the last several weeks President Obama and the divided decision makers in DC have been arguing over how much money the US government should throw at our economy in an effort to "ease" the recession. I have watched and listened with doubt. I admit it. I am unsure as to whether or not our leaders are truly tuned into where the American people really stand in this economy.

The obvious is obvious to us all, people are being laid off as corporate and retail America tightens their belts and slims down. Actually, if truth be told they were getting too "thick" anyway. However, the way most are going about it, by axing the people who make the least and support personnel, and your overworked, under compensated middle management is only going to work for a short time. With CEOs and over paid executives hanging on to six and seven figure incomes, decent bonuses and a buffet of fringe benefits, the real issue is not being confronted.

It is kind of like having liposuction on what you believe to be your "problem areas" (blue collar, support personnel, middle management, etc.) only to find out in six months that the real issue is the box of Twinkies (CEOs, Execs., etc.) you indulge in nightly. In a matter if time, that lipo will be a distant memory and more radical procedures will demand to be looked at.

Anyway, after hearing President Obama's ideas, and those of every other person who managed to summon a microphone in front of their mouth, it occurred to me how out of touch our nation's leaders were with Ma and Pa Citizen. And that was when it hit me... my great idea that no one asked for...

Who knows best what you and I, our neighbors, and our colleagues need right now? We do. We talk to each other, compare scars, and cry on each others' shoulders. So, here is my idea...

President Obama charges each Governor to assemble a team in their state comprised of every "people group/class" represented in their state. I am talking Average Joe's, not politicians. These representatives would then research and talk to their peers in the communities and cities of their state. They would find out what they were facing, what their "felt needs" are, their struggles, their fears, concerns, challenges, and listen to proposed solutions. This may take place through town hall meetings, one on one interviews and surveys.

The representatives would them compile a report of their findings and then meet at a round table with their respective Governor. As they share together, they would also brainstorm and come up with proposed solutions. The Governors would then meet with President Obama, present their findings and offer their solutions. From there, President Obama and his team could begin writing new bills and policy that would truly meet the people of America where they are.

Will this idea solve everything? Heavens no, but I believe it would open the eyes and ears of the Governors and our President. It's only an idea, and it has lots of holes, however, it also has potential to become a tool that may loosen the tongues of the afflicted and give them audience with the kings of this nation.

I am in prayer daily for our nation, for our President and his family and for our other leaders. I believe God will give President Obama wisdom from many sources that will heal this economy... and again, no one asked me, but I felt like tossing in my two cents over my "virtual microphone!"

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Deanna Shrodes said...

Sounds great to me! Bring it on!