Monday, February 02, 2009

And the Countdown Continues...

Getting ready to move and embark on our new journey has LOTS to do with packing, planning and purging. However, it also has a lot to do with spiritual understanding, hearing the voice of God, and being sent. Our weekend was full of all of those things.

On Saturday, after a full day of packing and prepping, we visited with some very dear friends of ours for a last bite of Chicago style pizza and a time of fellowship, encouragement, prayer and some prophetic ministry. It was bittersweet saying goodbye, we will truly miss them!

Sunday morning brought church at Faithworld. As usual, Pastor Daniel and Pastor Jennifer (see photo above) and their team ushered in the presence of God. It was a powerful day! Pastor Daniel has been doing a series on the end times. Craig and I have never heard it broken down like he has broken it down. Incredible!

At the close of the message, the Faithworld Dance Team did "Prophesy." I have seen this drama/dance done many times and I never tire of it. It is a powerful prophetic message. It was originally created by Karen Wheaton & Chosen from Hamilton, AL. My daughter Kaitlyn led a team at Evangel in the same drama/dance. She enjoyed watching Faithworld's interpretation and got some new ideas. It was POWERFUL! One of my favorite parts was when the army of God was literally bodyslamming the demons that were preying on the people.

After that, Craig and I and the girls were asked to come up front. Pastor Daniel and Pastor Jennifer commissioned us and prayer a powerful prayer of blessing over us. He spoke the a propetic prayer over us and the entire Faithworld Pastoral Team stood with us and agreed. Pastors Daniel and Jennifer also charged the congregation to pray for us. It was a powerful and beautiful time. We were "sent out" from Chicago for a new work in Christ! We felt the presence of God and had such confirmation. We are going to miss our friends at Faithworld. We have come to love them and hold a special place in our hearts for them. But we won't be too long in seeing them again. Craig is due to do some ministry here in Chicago in the very near future and I'll come back for business from time to time.

Sunday night I went to the nail salon for a much needed fill, boy was I overdue! I've been stretching them out to be more frugal. My hands definitely look better since I got them done! After that I came home to watch the ballgame with Craig. I am not a big fan but I watched the last bit with Craig while waiting for my favorite show, "The Office."

Today I worked, really trying to tie up loose ends so I am set for a few days out of pocket. Tomorrow will be incredibly busy as it is my last day in the Corporate Office. I have to pack up my office too... but it shouldn't take too long.

I'm going to heas to bed right now, I am sleepy and need the rest for tomorrow! Please keep us in your prayers!

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Deanna Shrodes said...

I am praying for you my dear friend. I am so excited for you as you move into this new phase. It's getting ready to take off like a rocket. I can't wait to see what God is going to do!!!

I love you

Travel safe!!!