Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keeping Up with the Sloans

Have you ever worked so hard on something consistently and for HOURS that your entire body ached like you hiked the Himalayas?! Well, that would be me!

I have been working on our new home and that has included heavy lifting and moving things and dragging or pushing what I couldn't carry. And my muscles are sore! BUT my house is coming together! Woo Hoo! I really want to put up some pictures but I want to wait until my furniture comes in. So, hopefully in the next couple days! There's a lot more I WANT to do but it will wait until I pull the funds together! :)

Aside from that working at home is becoming something I am getting used to. It can get strangely quiet which can be good and boy can I knock out work FAST... but sometimes the quiet is "LOUD!"

I am working on a steady schedule too so I can make the most of my time ALL of the time. I have so many projects happening right now! I'll be sharing one of the newest ones VERY soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

My parents will be visiting this week as well. They'll arrive Thursday evening and stay for a few days before heading to see my sister in Texas. The girls are OVERJOYED that their Poppy and Grammy are coming!

Kaitlyn has been getting her bearings at OHS and as many of you know, she and her former "special" friend are well, "special" again. (Craig will not allow me to call it anything other than that! :) Kelsea is in the midst of cheerleading team tryouts for next year. She'll be in high school. Haley and Lexi are making new friends and doing SO well. I am very proud of them! Hakley managed to teach Kelsea how to do some new acrobats this week and taught Lexi to ride a bike with NO training wheels! Woo Hoo!

Our puppy Lola has not been feeling very well today and last night. Please say a prayer for her. Yes, I believe God loves our animals too... he made them afterall! :)

I'm off to watch for the bus. The girls should be home in a minute.

Glad we could catch up a bit!

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Melissa said...

God definitely loves His whoel creation and if the little loves (pets) mean a lot ot us they mean even more to Him!! Glad to see she is feeling better. We lost two ferrets today, both had to be put down...sadly! Our kids have been so sad and yet life...our dog is going to have pups and I am praying they start showing their faces soon cause it may be a very long night.
ps no news yet on our next adventure if ya know what I mean!
love ya