Friday, December 12, 2008

Four Arguments You Just Can't Win Pt 4
Perry Noble

Part 4 of Perry Noble's series on "Four Arguments You Just Can't Win"...

Four Arguments You Just Can’t Win - Part Four

Posted: 12 Dec 2008 05:27 AM CST

Final post on this!

#4 - Your Church Is Too Entertaining.

I ALWAYS reply, “should the church be more entertaining…or boring?”

One of the definitions of entertainment is to hold ones attention for a specific amount of time…and if that is what I am being accused of then I am GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!

God often used EXTREME language AND unique circumstances to get people’s attention in Scripture…I think we, as His church, should be willing to do the same.

NOW…the KEY here is to not allow the tail to wag the dog. A church service should never begin with, “I’ve got a really cool video idea…let’s design a church service around it.”

The CENTRAL driving force in a church should be the Scriptures. However, placed around the preaching should be our BEST…our best music, video, greeters, children’s workers…EVERYTHING! We should go all out every week to offer up our best…and BEG God to make up the difference.

Every week we are going to preach the Gospel at NewSpring Church…AND we are going to do our best to make sure that the experience is something that people want to bring their friends and family members to.

Some people may argue that, because of the planning and preparation that goes into a service that there is no room for the Holy Spirit…two things to keep in mind here…

#1 - I think the Holy Spirit works THROUGH the planning and preparation process!!!! I know I’ve seen Him do so. And…

#2 - There should ALWAYS be room in a church service for Him to move and blow everything up…which He often does!!!

Saying all of that…our Christmas services are going to be incredible. We are planning like crazy and preparing one of the most creative presentations we’ve ever been led to design…

HOWEVER, we are also BEGGING GOD to show up and make up the difference.

Prayer and preparation are NOT supposed to work in opposition to one another…but in harmony!

YES, Christmas services WILL be entertaining…and lives will be changed! I can’t wait!!!

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