Friday, December 12, 2008

Blessed Beyond Measure!

My house is really quiet right now. It's so nice! A great way to unwind before bed, especially on a Friday!

I had a good day at work today. My department put together a little Christmas potluck and we had so many goodies!!!! Yummo! They also did a Secret Santa which I had opted out of. We, as many families, are scaling back this year, cutting extras. Well, my sweet co-workers wouldn't hear of it. They bought me the Bath & Body Works Signature Collection: The Season's Best- Moonlight Path set (see photo). It has the bubble bath, shower gel, soap, candle, body spray, and lotion. I am so excited!!!!

In other news, Craig and I, and our family have been experiencing such blessings. God has continued to be SO good to us! Craig and I were talking the other night, just amazed at how God continues to meet ur every need. Sometimes it is right on time, but He's never late!

Tomorrow Kaitlyn and her freinds will gather and celebrate her 16th birthday. I'll be making her favorite white cake with strawberry icing. I still can't believe she is 16! And a week from Monday our Kelsea will be 14! Wow, so hard to believe!

I think I will sign out for tonight and go catch a few extra zzzzz's!

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