Sunday, October 05, 2008

"I Love My Hubby" Meme

I was tagged by one of my sista Noelle, our fearless leader at Take Root! As she said, I too love a good meme and this one is about husbands, and I have a great one....

Here are the rules:

Grab the graphic and insert with these rules, in your post.
Give at least 5 reasons why you love your hubby. List more if you want.
Tag 5 people (or more) to play along and link to their blogs in your post.
Then visit those women’s blogs and leave them a comment on any of their posts.

Now that I have shared the rules, it’s my time to share my reasons:

5 Reasons I Love My Hubby

1.) He is genuine. What you see is what you get... and he loves me, for who I am. He has never asked me to change. (okay, that is kind of 2...)
2.) He is a true partner in our marriage in EVERY way! He cooks, cleans, cares for the girls, and works, just like me... he jumps in wherever and whenever needed... because we are equal partners in running our home.
3.) He loves God... and it is so obvious. I often wake up or fall asleep hearing him praying for me, our family, the girls and our future...
4.) He is my best friend.
5.) He is my biggest fan (and I am his)...
6.) He is my Prince Charming... whether he is wooing me with sweet words or slaying dragons on my behalf... he brings our personal fairy tale to life every day!
7.) He gives me foot massages almost every night (I am NOT kidding about this!)...
8.) His crazy faith partnered with mine results in a life that is anything BUT boring!

Okay, I listed more than five... and I could have gone on... I DO love that man! But I'll stop and do my tagging...

Now I am supposed to tag 5 people to play along, so here they are..

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Noelle said...

Oh, my man is a foot massager too! How could I leave that out! That counts for like 3 in my book! HA! Loved reading about your Hubby Love. I want more time to come around more often! Love to you Tara!

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

SO glad that Craig is treatin' you right!! I feel that marrying Brett was the smartest thing I have ever done! Marriage can be wonderful when you are married to great guys like ours! Thanks for "tagging me" I love to "brag" on "my Man"!