Monday, October 06, 2008

Book Review: "For Young Men Only"

For Young Men Only
by Jeff Feldhahn & Eric Rice with Shaunti Feldhahn

I have done yet another book review, I am truly enjoying these opportunities!

The best-selling ONLY series returns with a one-of-a-kind guide for teen guys on how to figure out girls.

Drawing on a fresh national survey of 600 teen girls, as well as hundreds of personal interviews, For Young Men Only reveals the real truth about what teenage girls think, what they want, and how average teen guys can build healthy friendships with high quality girls. Full of surprising revelations and practical advice, For Young Men Only delivers help straight from the girls themselves in a fun, easy-to-read, easy-to-talk about format.

Warm, witty, and honest, authors Jeff Feldhahn and Eric Rice tell plenty of personal stories and draw on solid biblical principles to guide young guys through the often daunting world of the opposite sex. Their goal is to help teen guys build self-confidence and understanding, and show them how to pursue a relationship with a girl while giving her the respect and protection she deserves.

About the Authors...

Jeff Feldhahn is an attorney and the owner of the tech company, World2One. With his wife, Shaunti, he wrote the best selling FOR MEN ONLY.

Eric Rice is the owner/director/producer of 44 Films. Eric lives in Atlanta area with his wife, Lisa, and their four teenage children.

Shaunti Feldhahn is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, public speaker, and best-selling author whose books include FOR WOMEN ONLY, FOR YOUNG WOMEN ONLY (with Lisa Rice) and FOR PARENTS ONLY.

If you have a young man in your home, youth ministry or family... get him a copy at Amazon...

I usually do a give away but I forgot to request an extra book this time! However, I am going to sow my copy (I only have girls) to my wonderful friends Pastors Billy and Shelisa Hull of The Winners Church in Valdosta, GA. They are fantastic people who Craig and I love dearly, AND they are also parents to three great young men, Caleb, Blake and Augustine... SO... my copy is going to them! Billy/Shelisa... send me the snail mail address you want it to go to when you get home so I can ship it out to you...

Everyone else...Be watching, I am doing several more book reviews in the coming weeks... and I'll be giving away free copies!!!!

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Pastor Shelisa Hull said...

I look forward to reading it with the boys!

Love ya!