Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm a Proud Mom!

The officially official last day of school for my girls was Friday. They showed up to get their report cards and get some info for the fall term. It was a well received closure to the 07-08 academic year! This week was really busy!

On Tuesday Alexandria (Lexi) graduated from Kindergarten! She celebrated with the rest of her classmates during a magic show which was really good and a commencement ceremony. We celebrated at Long Horn afterwards. We are so proud of our new first grader!

Kaitlyn brought home her final grades from her freshman year at Lane Tech College Prep. She maintained a high B GPS and about 2 tenths of a point from a 4.0!!! And she is in the Honors program!!!! We are so proud of her!

Both Kelsea and Haley brought home straight As again and finished their year strong as well. Craig and I marvel at how God has blessed us with five girls who have both beauty and brains!!!
They have never received a grade on their report cards lower than a B. They are goal oriented and work very hard. Of course Izzie isn't in school yet... but we are already expecting great things from her as well! LOL...I'll stop my brag session! I am just a proud mother!

We leave for vacation this week, Thursday to be exact. I'll be blogging from the road. We're heading south! We'll be visiting several places, among those will be Oxford, AL, Auburn, AL and Atlanta, GA. There are several folks, friends and family we'll be catching up with.

I am truly looking forward to this trip! A vacation is exactly what our family needs right now!

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Debbie said...

Way to go LExi and all the girls great job we miss you guys can't wait to see you again:)

Sherri Walker-McCann said...

I will say it like John-John said it to me-"great kids come from great parents"!! Great job! Have fun on your vacation!!

Anonymous said...

Grammy & Poppy are proud too!!!! We love & miss our girls!