Monday, May 05, 2008

Reflections of a Monday

Well, it is (was) Monday and I really want to catch up with my blogging and get back on track! So, I'll start tonight and give some teasers as to how my busy-ness has been profiting me!

  • Secondly, I got a new MP3 player. My sweet daughter Kaitlyn ran my Ipod into the ground. I've been missing it! So, I've been in the market for a new one, waiting for a little extra cash and then wah-lah... I received a tremendous blessing! So, I've been jamming at the gym... playing some great worship, pump up, and country (hey.. I do love it) music while I am working it on the treadmill! You know you are working out hard when hearing Aretha belting out "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" exhorts you through the hill climbing level!!! (By the way I lost another 2 lbs last week! Yea Me!~)
  • Speaking of my new MP3 player... I have been filling it up with some DYNAMIC podcasts!!! Recently, I purchased Creating a Kingdom Culture from Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA does a fantastic job on this series. It will knock your socks off with revelation! Here are a couple things I have taken from this series... 1. Experience is inheritance in the Kingdom of God. We never knew what salvation was until we experienced it. 2. By implication, the word "understand" means "that which is experienced." If the folks we preach to are not "experiencing" the revelation we preach by walking it out then they are not understanding it. 3. Learning takes place through the five senses. 4. Generally, pastors, believers reduce scripture to their own level of experience. It should be the other way around! 5. Miracles are tutors. 6. There are truths and greater truths in the Word of God.
Well, that will do it for now. I'll be back tomorrow with some more happy, happy insight!

Love Ya'll!

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~*Kathi*~ said...

Glad you got another MP3 player...I lost the cord for mine so I need to be getting another myself.

Women's Conferences are the best, I went to one a couple of weeks ago where Jennifer Kostyal was great. She has Check her out if you have time.

Be Blessed...Kathi