Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Words Cannot Express...

I have finally recovered after tackling the mountain of work I had following the Unstoppable! Conference in Tampa, FL. Oh, it was SO wonderful. I am a lover of words and writing yet I do not believe I could find in words what this conference did for me. It was truly orchestrated and divinely appointed by God! Those of you who know me personally know some of the battles I have been overcoming. The time I spent with many women who bear the same badge I do brought a refreshing to my spirit that I desperately needed! For that I thank Pastor Deanna Shrodes for hearing the heart of God for this elite group of women and acting on it! Thanks to Pastor Lindsey Barta as well for jumping on board and co-hosting with PD! Ladies you ROCK!

It was such a joy to meet some of those from the Pastoring Partners boards as well! Trace and TwoAsOne is was so neat to put faces with the screen names we use! I look forward to many more meetings and times of encouragement together!

My heart has been SO full since I got back home. There has been a shift in my thinking and in my determination. It is as if the Holy Spirit got in my face and said, “Okay, here are your choices… “Retreat and run… OR suck it up, be who you are called to be and be unstoppable IN SPITE of every opposition.” Well, being the woman called me to be I did choose the second statement, MOSTLY because it is my heart to be and do ALL God has called me to, but to be honest it was also partly because I am a southern girl with deep roots and strong wings who doesn’t like to quit! Tell me I can’t and watch it happen!

I met SO many incredible women this weekend. The best part was being reminded that I am not alone! I heard story after story and cried more than I have in awhile over the issues my sisters are facing. Don’t get me wrong, this was not a comparison of war wounds and scars, rather it was an incredibly intimate setting that provided a safe haven for the precious daughters of God to be real without the fear of being judged, scoffed at, or real. Pastor Jennifer Lee shared her testimony and basically turned herself inside out. She is a powerful and shining example of God’s grace and His overwhelming love for His daughters. She also is a living, breathing and shining example of His determination that we fulfill our destiny in Him!

I also attended some awesome breakout sessions with Pastor Andrea Fruscella shared some great biblical knowledge and examples of pastoring partners as well as her heart relating to this topic. It was such a treat to watch her lug around a high heeled shoe fit for the wife of Gulliver! (You had to be there!)

Pastor Sandy Phinazee really inspired me at her session about breaking intimidation. Her honesty and candid approach reeled me in as she challenged and provoked me to cast off intimidation!

I blogged about Pastor Sherri Hawley earlier but truly, her message on casting off the cloak of comfort and picking up the towel of service has not left me. I find myself referring to it almost daily! As a matter of fact my husband has been so intrigued by hearing about it he can’t wait to get the CD and hear it himself!

Pastor Deanna shared an inspired message “Why Women Stop” which unlocked what I call a “breaker” anointing in the Hilton Garden Inn that evening! Women prayed through and pressed in with one another. So many were set free and had things broken off of them. I believe we left a huge pile of chains and weights (spiritually) in the banquet room over the weekend. I was so full of what God was doing I just wanted to grab PD by the shoulders spin her around the room and say, “Look! It is really happening!!! Look what God is doing!!!!”

I cannot go any further until I comment on the praise and worship! Wow! Wow! Wow! Pastor Jen and her team from Southeastern University were awesome! We could have gone all night just loving on Jesus, praising and worshipping Him! One thing that really stuck out to me about the praise team was that Pastor Jen demonstrated what Spiritual Mothering and/Mentorship (whatever you want to call it) is really all about! She empowered these young ladies and allowed them to step into the anointing. It was really something to experience!

I forgot to mention the panel discussion that took place on Saturday morning. What a great deal of wisdom and experience went forth! The panelists took off their masks and jumped in with both feet! It is rare to experience the “real-ness” of pastoral leadership. Sometimes we just aren’t allowed to be human!

Pastor Lindsey Barta closed the conference with an encouraging and empowering plea for women living in ministry to become unstoppable TOGETHER. I was inspired and moved by her words and I could not wait to grab her after the service and tell her that she did an awesome job. She definitely has the DNA of the Lord and of her pastors/spiritual mentors. The enemy needs to watch out!

Before I sign off this posting, let me say that if you are in a woman in a ministry leadership capacity, don’t miss this conference next year! I don’t say this lightly! I have been to dozens of conferences in my life. This conference was hands down one of; if not THE most beneficial conference I have ever attended. If you are in need of encouragement and a place to let your hair down make sure you attend next year!

Love & Blessings!

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Deanna Shrodes said...

Thank you! What an awesome endorsement from you. I appreciate and love you more than words can say and it was incredible to have you there...

Love you...