Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"8" Things Meme

Pastor Deanna Shrodes posted this 8 Things Meme on her blog and I thought I’d tackle it as well… some of my responses are the same as hers but that’s because, well, she had some super answers that I am in total agreement with!

Eight things to do before I die...

1) Minister in the Sudan
2) Publish at least one book through a paying publisher!
3) Parachute out of a plane (Craig and I are going to do this together when we reach a certain goal we’ve set)
4) Go back to my birthplace in England with my parents
5) Write a song with my brothers
6) Get to my lifetime weight goal.
7) Do a national women’s conference with five of the most powerful women of God I know
8) Complete a 5K walk/run

Eight things I cannot do:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Eight things that attract me to my husband:

1) He is passionate about everything he does/is
2) his heart is as pure as they come
3) He is a great dad to five precious girls!
4) He is my number one fan and he tells me and others that all of the time
5) He isn't intimidated by me.
6) He's a good provider.
7) He's extremely faithful/trustworthy. I don't ever worry about where he's at or what he's doing.
8) He thinks some of my rather quirky traits (to others) are attractive and a tribute to my character
9) He is an encourager
10) He loves God more than he loves me.

Eight things I say most often:

1) “Mercy!” Or “Lord have mercy!” (and I ALWAYS mean it!)
2) “Awesome!”
3) “Bless your (his/her) heart!” (Old southern habits die hard!)
4) “Actually…” (I obviously use this way too much because it is my 5 yo’s favorite word and she can use it correctly too!)
5) "My word!”
6) “Give me a break!”
7) "Yes!” (with a pumped arm)
8) "I love you." (said as many times as possible to as many people as possible)

Eight books I love:

1) The Bible
2) Get Out of That Pit! (Beth Moore)
3) In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day (Mark Batterson)
4) Simple Church
5) Go Big series
6) My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
7) Yada Yada Prayer Group series
8) Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On by Stormie Omartian

Eight movies I could watch over and over again:

1) Dead Poet’s Society
2) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
3) We Are Marshall
4) Rudy (I really don’t like football but this one always makes me cry!)
5) The Color Purple
6) The Great Debaters
7) Sweet Home Alabama
8) Dirty Dancing

Eight things I love doing on a regular basis:

1) Worship
2) Reading
3) Writing
4) Shopping
5) Spending time with Craig
6) Hanging with my girls
7) Cooking
8) Organizing

Eight things I would care less to have to do or see again:

1) Cleaning the bathrooms
2) Hearing the latest news report on Britney Spears
3) Cleaning floors!
4) Pumping gas
5) Answering the phone.
6) Cleaning out the fridge
7) Anything to do with ministry politics
8) Anything to do with LAZY people

Eight things I miss:

1) The south…
2) Friends and family who live far.
3) My Dodge Minivan
4) Clueless people
5) Cracker Barrell
7) My wedding/engagement rings (they were stolen a few months ago)
8) Having a second vehicle

Eight things I don't miss:

1) Poverty
2) Ridiculous heat
3) Makig mountains out of molehills 4) All the extra pounds that were on my body
5) Staying out all night
6) Medical issues I went through a few years back
7) Bondage
8) Fear

Eight foods I love:

1) Mashed potatoes
2) Prime Rib
3) Scallops in pasta
4) Chicken Wings
5) A GOOD salad
6) Cheese
7) Sour cream
8) Chocolate

Eight foods I hate:

1.) Tomatoes
2.) Fish that is too “fishy”
3.) Okra
4.) Kiwi 5.) Onions 6.) Peppers (all kinds) 7.) Sweet pickles/relish 8.) Nuts that grow on trees (because I am highly allergic to them!)

Eight Artists/Music Groups I love:

1) Martina McBride
2) Sam and Paula Shelton
3) Shania Twain
4) Rascal Flatts
5) Sugarland
6) Rita Springer
7) James Taylor
8) Jason Upton

Eight of my favorite places to be:

1) Home
2) The South (almost anywhere!)
3) Anywhere on Vacation
4) Bed
5) New York
6) Pigeon Forge, TN in the fall
7) Curled up with a book on my lounge chair
8) Visiting with my friends and family wherever they happen to be!

Eight of my favorite (solo) songs to sing (I’m not a soloist but if I was):

1) Love Letters (Dottie Rambo)
2)Healing in This House (Nicole Binion)
3) You Are (Clint Brown) 4) Strength of My Life (Riss Taff/Leslie Phillips) 5) Lord Have Mercy (Michael W. Smith)
6) For Every Mountain (Karen Wheaton)
7) Lord You’re Holy (Karen Wheaton)
8) “Break Me Lord” (Natalie Grant)

Eight of my favorite worship songs:

1) Rescue
2) In Your Glory
3) The More I Seek You
4) From the Inside Out
5) Your Love is Extravagant
6) Always Welcome
7) Lord of the Breakthrough
8) God is Here

Eight things I like to hear:

1) "I love you"
2) "I'm proud of you"
3) "Straight A’s again Mom!”
4) "Your saving s to day is $.....”
5) "Your writing has inspired me!”
6) "Your message really challenged me..."
7) "I’ll cook dinner honey, go on to the gym.”
8) "I’m your number one fan!”

Eight things I don't like to hear (these must be universal remarks because I am in agreement with them all!):

1) "I know I promised you I'd do this, but..."
2) "I just want to share something with you "in love"..."
3) "I said this would be done on time but some things have come up..."
3) My phone ringing.
4) "Don't you think it's alright?" (when something isn't done like I asked but somebody else thinks it's good enough...)
5) "Mom, she/he hit me..." "won't give me the remote..." "is sitting in my seat in the car..."
6) "I know I told you I'd be there, but..."
7) Any racial or gender prejudice remark. It's like nails on the chalkboard of my life...
8) When my alarm clock go off

Eight Issues I Feel Passionate About:

1) Racial and gender equality
2) Free Speech
3) Leadership and Life Learning
4) Encouraging and Exhorting people
5) Effective Women’s Ministry
6) Destiny Driven Living
7) Healthy & Whole Relationships (all areas)
8) Having a Breakthrough Attitude

Eight things I don't understand:

1) All night drinking binges
2) Clubbing
3) Kept women
4) Lent (I know the reason behind it but I don’t get why people who don’t or rarely attend mass bother to observe it!) 5) Child abuse
6) Cultural insensitivity 7) Sin
8) Why some people die when they do

Eight songs I like to slow dance with my husband to:

1) Still the One
2) When You Say Nothing At All
3) My Valentine
4) Breathe
5) From This Moment
6) Just You and I
7) Once in a Lifetime
8) I’ll Still Be Me

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