Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A LONG Time Coming!

Weeks of January 1st -12th

I have had issues with my wireless connection lately, so I have been AWOL!

So, since a long time (my last blog entry… bad Tar, bad Tara!) a lot has been going in! Well really, in a household of seven when would something NOT be going on?

For starters, Craig got me a kitty. I have been missing my cat, Jennifer (she came with the name….) that we had to leave when we moved from Florida. I had wanted a little dog at first but we are not home enough to walk a dog and give it the companionship it would need. Cats are different. Anyway, we got a cute little kitten. We named her “Bama Belle.” Isabella calls her “Jingle Bells.” She’s a little bit afraid of her but wants to like her so much. In time I am sure they will become fast friends.

Over the weekend I had to run all of the crazy errands that a family demands. During the week I am working during the day so errand running is limited! Kelsea also had some items to exchange so we tackled that as well! On Sunday we went to church and took the girls to lunch before picking up Bama Belle. We had to get all of her stuff first, then we picked her up and took her to her new home. When she arrived she was a little challenged by the stairs, however, by Monday evening she became a pro! She’s gotten very fast!

Kaitlyn has had to ride the transit bus home from school this week. Her friend that we carpool with has been in Mexico for the holidays with her family. She’ll be back today then Diana’s dad will go back to the afternoon pick up, we do the morning drop off. I am proud of Kaitlyn, she has learned to navigate the city by bus very well. She goes to the mall, to and from school, and to friends’ homes on the bus. She’s our little (15 yo) city slicker!

Kelsea had her first game yesterday. She’s a cheerleader and is very enthusiastic. She is also in the drama club, chorus, and in advanced math. Her weekly calendar is busy, busy! Haley accompanies her to cheer events most times. The biggest news however, is both Kelsea and Haley won their respective class spelling bees so they will be competing against each other Tuesday in the school wide Spelling Bee.

Lexi lost her first tooth last week and she suddenly looks so grown to me! Isabella is still our baby but she too is clamoring to grow, grow, grow!

Of course there has been the usual church activity and work keeps the days flying by. I have been at a stand still with Weight Watchers but I am working very hard to get back into position! Craig has been working to achieve a new “six pack”- and darn it all, after just a couple weeks one is beginning to surface!!! I’ll have to double time it and catch up!

I’ll probably be doing a lot of “bulk blogging” for a while to catch up… so many things have been on my mind- and I’ve been jotting things down here and there… beware… it is I, the comeback- BLOG Queen…..!

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It's been awhile :0) BUT I always enjoy your blog!