Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Goal Setting: Reach for the Stars!

Here are the goals I promised…. Well, the ones I want to share. They are some others that are not for public viewing right now… I am really excited about the 2008 chapter of my life… here is a sneak preview…

2007 in Review

In a word, rollercoaster! 2007 was a rollercoaster. It was full of ups and downs. Personally, it was painful at times and at other times made me so angry. I felt as if every fiber of my being was challenged at some point. Ever hear the saying, “It’s like trying to force a square peg in a round hole?” That was the theme of 2007 for me.

On the flipside I have to say that I have become stronger in spite of the pain and drama 2007 brought. I know more than ever who I am and who I am called to be. There is no doubt in my mind that I have an extraordinary destiny in Christ to fulfill.

With 2007 behind me I am now more determined than ever that 2008 will be the BEST year of my family’s life thus far! The number 8 represents resurrection and new beginnings… I am ready for both!

2007 brought…


· Realizing the sacrifices made

· Reprioritizing

· Paying Off Past Debt

· Cultural differences

· Being Held Back


· Found new strength

· Creating abilities increased

· Building Family Relationship

· Meeting Great People

· Realization of What is Possible

2008 – Focus & Passion:

MAD Goals, Not Resolutions… MAD Goals? Goals that are measureable, achievable and have a deadline. Resolutions are not much more than “good intentions” in my book… but goals… they are things I MUST achieve in order to accomplish something greater. I will be listing a majority of my GOALS here, however, for every goal you see here there is also a plan attached that leads to the fulfillment of a bigger purpose.

That being said, allow me to borrow a quote from another blogger… “I am making a demarcation between 2007 and 2008 – and using it as a marker for instituting some significant changes.” Some of these “significant changes” I will share here, others will remain under the knowledge, prayer, advisement and guidance of me and Craig’s inner circle and those we are accountable to. Still, we will make strides to the accomplishment of each goal with the MAD process.


· Enhance blog site.

· Complete “Confessions of a Destiny Driven Diva” book

· Write three booklets/manuals

· Write/submit at least 12 articles for publication


· Refuse to allow small minded people affect present or future

· Pick and choose battles

· Do not take things too personally

· Criticize by creating


· Go back into area of expertise and calling.

· Speak at at least three major conferences

· Preach/speak at at least a dozen times for various churches/ministries

· **Personal goal** (cannot be shared right now)

· Planning and strategizing

· **Personal Goal (cannot be shared right now)

· Tag team preach/speak with Craig at three conferences

· Expand Encounters… brand and market

· Support and assist Kaitlyn/Kelsea in dance ministry ventures

· Support and assist Haley’s interest in a music ministry


· Consider a few correspondence programs to further degree. (Gather information)

· Take a class for extracurricular knowledge (cooking; language, etc.)

· Plan and Contribute more to girls’ college educations

· Make arrangements for girls to participate in additional extracurricular educational activities (music, dance, gym, sports, etc.)


· Spend quality time as a family weekly (Family nights)

· Go on family outings once a month

· Spend one on one time with each of the girls

· Devotional times at least three times per week

· Eat dinner together at the table at least four times per week

· Become more organized with schedules, chores and home

· Make a list of necessities for the home/family

· Communicate more regularly with extended family and friends

· Take a family photo at least twice, take photos more often

· Plan and finance Kaitlyn’s 16th b-day party


· Increase incoming finances

· Access ways to accumulate additional cash flow

· Decrease debt whenever possible (even if it is minimal)

· Pay off specific debt by end of year

· Purchase items on necessity list as possible

· New vehicle

· Save at least $3000 in a new account by end of year


· Continue on quest for health by attending and following Weight Watcher program

· Increase exercise routine

· Make life style changes

· Make adjustments to meals/grocery purchases

· Vitamins

· Physician Check Ups (Physical/Dental/Vision/Orthodontist) to start year out


· Read a new fiction series

· Take a class for fun (kick boxing; flower arranging, etc.)

· See a Broadway show

· Start a candy wrapper business


· Read whole Bible

· Memorize at least one scripture per month

· Increase devotional time

· Increase personal time with God

· Share Christ with at least 500 people individually


· Spend more time talking every day

· **Personal Goal ** (cannot share right now)

· Date Nights at least twice a month

· Pray together more

· Dream together more


Anonymous said...

wow! what an extensive list! praying for you to accomplish it. I'm curious about your book, it sounds interesting!

Deanna Shrodes said...

Woww-eee...I'm tired after reading your list. I admire your goals and will pray with you about reaching them. Love you

Denise said...

Bless you dear one.

Just Me said...

WOW!! I feel exhausted just reading your lists!'ve obviously given every area of your life some thought. I hope you find yourself sensing 'forward movement' on those things you've shared you want to see changes in! Bless ya! Oh..and I love the MAD goals - yeah!