Saturday, December 15, 2007

20 Questions!

Another fun-filled meme I ran across... Enjoy... and if you read this then TAG- you're IT!

1. If you could have any person you've encountered this week put on the bench at the dunk tank, in order to dunk them, who would it be and why? One of the managers I supervise through timekeeping

2. What's one song you feel describes your life at this moment? "This is Your Life" by Switchfoot and "Anyway" by Martina McBride

3. Is there anything you're looking forward to for this holiday season? Refocusing for the new year!

4. Are there any people you wish you could get in touch with right now? Yes, I've been thinkin about several folks in Alabama and also some fellow ministers I am in relationship with.

5. As you grow older who do you find yourself sounding most like? I'm not sure....

6. What's the most recent movie you've seen? "License to Wed"

7. Do you have a bedtime routine? No, it varies!

8. Do you have any quirks or weird personality traits? I LOVE having my feet massaged DAILY... my husband enables me too!

9. Have you ever found money in the street? Yes

10. What is your biggest indulgence? Comfort food, dark chocolate and writing

11. If you had to give up a right, guaranteed in the U.S. or any constitution, to protect National Security which one would it be and why? Right to bear arms... I'd like to leave that to the military and law enforcement

12. What do you consider to be the most positive personality trait you have? I am a motivator!

13. If you have a relative who was dying of a terminal illness and they only had a few months to live but didn't know it would you tell them? No... but I'd be with them as much as possible

14. Who do you miss this most at this time of the year? Family and friends in Alabama

15. Is there anything you're afraid of? Deep water and spiders

16. What are you hoping Santa leaves you in your stocking this year? Hair supplies, dark chocolate

17. What's your favorite Sunday comic? For Better For Worse; Cathy

18. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to date? The ability to fulfill my destiny while helping my five daughters and husband cultivate theirs

19. Do you have any favorite places to go and think? Home all by myself or a hotel room for a weekend alone

20. Do you read newspapers?Yes

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