Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Favor Ain't Fair!

Since I have been working on my projects I JUST watched Kid Nation from last week! You know I am really enjoying this series. I know it hasn’t gotten the best reviews and is under constant scrutiny. I am with Pastor Deanna on this one, I just don’t understand why.

I was thrilled to see little Mallorie win the gold star this week. It was a concern of mine that perhaps the younger children may be overlooked when it came time to award the coveted $20,000 gold star. They are not the strongest and certainly lack the “influence” the older children may exude, however, if given the chance, they have so much to offer!

When Greg (who I rooted for the week before) started his rage complete with bullying and cursing, little Mallorie was understandably upset. She and her older sister, Olivia who is also on the show and through the monologue of another KN participant we learned that Mallorie and Olivia come from a Christian home. What was neat to me is that this little girl was not just upset because of the obnoxious behavior of Greg- she was really disgusted!

Anyway, as each participant brought their nominee for the gold star before the council, Olivia brought up Mallorie, for more than one reason. She was running the local store mercilessly and she could barely reach the register! It was also her birthday and she is one of the youngest.

In the end Mallorie was awarded the star and the smile on her face was SO priceless!!! I loved the closing comments of one of the council members. I don’t have it verbatim, but he shared that when looking for a deserving recipient, most look for someone at their own level or higher, however, when they looked down the “Mallories” were just as hard working and deserving.

I wanted to smack Greg when he grumbled. If I was his mama, he’d be on the receiving end of a good talking to when he got home! Anyway, I am not his mama and I am sure she’ll deal with him. What Greg and the others need to realize is that Mallorie may be small, but she is walking in the favor of God! And when it comes to favor…. God gives favor and favor ain’t fair!

You go Mallorie!

**Tonight’s episode should be interesting. It is dealing with worship and religion….

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