Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to Routines, Schedules, and Oh, I Need a Break!

Oh where oh where has Tara been? Since you asked... VACATION! Well, sort of anyway! I was on call and had to work quite a bit plus I had to get all of the school stuff done! And then today the girls went back to school! Can I get an AMEN? Sorry, I LOVE order and schedules! They all had a great day and I am thrilled.

I actually had my oldest start high school today and my #4 girl Lexi started Kindergarten. Weird, huh!? Even weirder will be when Kaitlyn goes to college, Kelsea will be a junior, Haley in 8th, Lexi in 4th and Izzie will begin kindergarten! Never a dull moment in the Sloan House!

I may be in and out the next few days, I am flying out early, early to Detroit on Thursday morning so tomorrow will be hard pressed to "catch up." Then I am flying back the same night. Ugh. I feel like I am in constant "go mode!"

To be perfectly honest, I am counting the days until "Unstoppable!" Only eight days! I'm ready- I need a break just for me!

Love & Blessings!

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