Friday, July 06, 2007

"You're in BIG Trouble Mister!"

My husband was in BIG trouble last night. He attended a funeral where he was on hand for his part in officiating. I was unable to go because of getting home late. Anyway, he left at 7 pm because the funeral would begin at 7:30 pm. He said he wouldn’t be home late but I really didn’t expect him before 10 pm.

The girls and I went about our night. We had dinner and watched a little television. I read a little of my “It Ain’t All About the Cookin,’” Paula Deen’s new memoir. (I just love her and she inspires me!) I feel asleep sometime around 10 pm. AT 11:30 I woke up- no Craig. I tried his cell- no answer. I tried the church- no answer. I thought maybe he’d gone to get a bite to eat with one of the other pastors.

At midnight I was a little perturbed. I called his cell again- no answer again. By this time, Kaitlyn, my oldest daughter had realized that Dad wasn’t home and she was a little worried. At 12:30- still no Craig and no answer on his phone. 12:45- no Craig and no answer. I was getting concerned.

Just as I was about to call some of the other staff, Craig called- it was 1 am! I was upset but more relieved than anything. He apologized over and over. Evidently, he and one of the other pastors had been talking and they lost track of time. The funeral had ended at 9 pm!

When he came in I looked at him and said, “You’re in BIG trouble mister!” He kind of grinned and said, “It makes me feel good to know you were worried about me!” That man! (**grin**)


Penless Thoughts said...

That tinge of worry always has a way of creeping in at times like that.

Break the Box said...

I would have been worried too....although, I do remember a time when we would stay after Worship practice and talk for hours before we realized what time it was!! Remember how our husbands were so worried!! I miss those times...sigh! Anyway, tell Dad, he'd better start calling sooner!
Love you guys, Christy!