Thursday, July 05, 2007

Coming Soon! "Confessions of a Destiny Driven Diva"

You might have noticed that my blogging has been sporadic lately. Well, one reason besides the fact that I have had company is I am writing a new "booklet."

"Confessions of a Destiny Driven Diva" should be complete next week! Yea! I plan on sharing some excerpts here so look for them in the upcoming week!

The booklet will encourage women in the quest for the fulfillment of their destiny in Christ as well as provide an honest look at the journey we walk complete with giggles, tears, and at times- diva attitude!

Please partner with me in prayer concerning this project. Myheart is that I be a tool in the hand of the Lord.


Deborah said...

Tara girl how do I get this booklet, I love how the Lord is using you!!!! thanks for stopping by you always bless me so. love always me

Break the Box said...

Can't wait!! Love you, Christy