Monday, July 16, 2007

I Have Seen the Light!

Maybe I am a little behind in the times- BUT I LOVE the Google Reader offline addition! I can organize, make notes, share, star items, etc!!!! How AWESOME!!!!

I also LOVE that I can now blog and publish directly from my email! Maybe you all knew about these neat little tricks but I am just coming aware!
Are there more cool blogger tricks and hacks that are eluding me? PLEASE SHAR


Just Me said... your scaring me!! I don't even understand most of what you just said...but I'm sensing it's information that I should know! So..let this other 'old fashioned' blogger in on your secrets!!

Tara Sloan said...

Okay- google "google reader" and it will explain it all to you. It really is neat!

I caught up on almost all of my blog reading on a car trip today! Gotta love technology!

Deborah said...

Loved your interview with Deanna. your one awesome lady. love always me