Monday, July 16, 2007

Congratulations Jen & Lupe!

Oh WOW gals! Pardon my mess on my blog but I made a BIG boo-boo last night and I am trying to fix it. So, if I had you listed somewhere on my blog and now you are gone- don't worry, I'm not made- just rebuilding!

Anyhow, I got a really exciting call from my sister Jen and bil Lupe recently. They are expecting! Their daughter Tenly is almost 1 and she has a baby brother or sister on the way! The baby is due at the beginning of March however, Jen is an insulin dependant diabetic so her babies have to come a little early. I am so thrilled for Jen and Lupe! I spoke with them today and Jenn told me that she was so exhausted and not feeling too great! Oh the memories of that first trimester! (ugh!) Not to mention the constant demand of chasing a toddler!

This will be grandchild number 9 for my parents. Get this- so far there are 7 girls and only 1 boy! We'll see what Jen and Lupe have this time. Not that I can say a whole lot- I do have FIVE GIRLS myself! That is SIX females in ONE house with ONE male! Ya'll pray for Craig! If he doesn't need it now- he will!

My girls are great though! So, Jen and Lupe (and Miss Tenly) girls or boy- kids are such a sweet blessing!

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